Most women have beauty regimes, with varying degrees of complexity, that they follow. Over time, though, some steps in these regimes may be removed or replaced; other steps may go away completely. In the ongoing evolution of our day-to-day routines, there are certain bad habits we should avoid developing and a few good ones worthy of becoming mainstays.

Bad habit #1: Using dirty brushes

Not only does always having a clean brush help to distribute product more evenly and ensure a more flawless finish, but it also helps to keep skin healthy and free of bacteria. If you start to notice that you’re breaking out (especially in the cheek area), it may be time to clean your brushes.

Solution: Ulta professional brush and sponge cleaner

Makeup brushes should be washed thoroughly occasionally with mild soap and water, but you can use a brush cleaner in between shampoos. This easy-to-use spray will not only clean brush hairs but will also condition them and help extend the life of the brush.

Bad habit #2: Not removing makeup before going to bed

Sometimes, hitting the hay before removing the day’s makeup can be tempting, but this is one beauty mistake you should never fall victim to. When you sleep with makeup on, it rubs onto your pillow, and the pillow presses it deeper into your skin, which can cause a breakout.

Solution: Chlorine soothing makeup remover

This gentle, nonirritating, makeup-removing solution removes everything and leaves the skin soft and smooth. It also contains cornflower extract to aid in decongesting the skin.

Bad habit #3: Not properly removing eye makeup

So what if there are remnants of kohl around your lids? At least most of your makeup has been removed, right? Wrong. Eye makeup can be one of the main culprits of styles, which can take months to get rid of.

Solution: Johnson’s natural head-to-toe foaming baby wash

Look no further than the baby-care aisle for a quick fix to this makeup no-no. Ophthalmologists have long recommended this baby wash to remove eye makeup gently; it’s inexpensive and ultra-mild on the eyes.

Bad habit #4: Over-exfoliating

There’s no question that using exfoliants, such as scrubs that contain sugar or ground nut shells to slough off dead surface layers, can indeed reveal softer, healthier-looking skin. But too much scrubbing can leave your face red and even create little whiteheads deep under the skin that won’t go away.

Solution: Ddf glycolic 10% exfoliating moisturizer

This light, silky moisturizer delivers a world of difference overnight; after just one use, skin feels softer and looks clearer. Using ingredients like glycolic acid, zinc, and vitamin E, the solution hydrates skin while breaking down the dead surface skin cells to reveal fresh, live cells, improving the look and feel of skin after just one use. The website promises that it will “increase hydration, minimize fine lines, and smooth texture.”

Bad habit #5: Forgetting sunscreen

Make no mistake: There’s no other beauty habit quite as essential to good health than the wearing of sunscreen. Without applying sunscreen with a good SPF, the skin may be vulnerable to sunspots, wrinkles, and even more serious skin cancer.

Solution: La roche-posay anthelios ultra light sunscreen fluid SPF 60

This dermatologist pick is formulated with a special Cell-Ox Shield technology, which the website describes as “a synergistic combination of patented high efficacy sun filters and powerful anti-oxidants to further protect your skin, even at the cellular level.”

Bad habit #6: Lining the rims of eyes

The pages of fashion magazines are filled with models rocking this beauty trend, but if you’re thinking of trying it, you should keep the tip of the pencil rounded, soft, and very clean. Having a tip that’s sharp or full of pencil fragments can tear the delicate rim of the eyes or expose you to harmful bacteria, causing a potential eye infection.

Solution: Eco tools bamboo flat eyeliner brush

To avoid the danger of this trend, opt for a black shadow and a flat eyeliner brush. Pressing the color near the rim of the eye produces a similar effect without putting you at risk for infection.

Bad habit #7: Neglecting the décolletage

This often-overlooked thin and delicate region is prone to the same signs of aging as the face. And if this area is left untreated, age spots and crepey skin will rear their ugly heads.

Solution: Estée lauder re-nutrive intensive lifting cream for throat and décolletage

This rich cream promises to firm the skin and reduce discoloration and age spots while smoothing away roughness. And while Estée Lauder doesn’t disclose what it lists as the “rarest ingredients” in the product, customers swear it lives up to its name.

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