Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is a medical-grade, cosmetic, still noninvasive procedure, performed on either bald men or those who present with thinning hairlines to give the illusion that the look is intentional in resembling a closely shaved head. The process has the potential to conceal any sort of scarring from failed attempts at hair restoration to the scalp or improve the appearance for those suffering from conditions such as alopecia.

For those who deal with thinning or loss of hair, it can be a source of decreased self-esteem, causing isolation and avoidance of friends and social situations. There are a number of SMP clinics, visit for information, who work with clients to help restore this lost confidence. 

Myths Concerning Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures

Scalp Micropigmentation is a state-of-the-art procedure for which it’s essential to do your research in finding the appropriate reputable facility to ensure your overall safety and wellness. It may be something to discuss with your medical provider who could possibly help with recommendations for a proper clinic. 

In order to disassociate the many myths from the facts which are causing misperceptions for those who are suffering from conditions that continue to get worse but are hesitant to pursue the solution due to the negative feedback, check out the following:

Myth #1: There is a likelihood that the effects will fade over time. 

The idea of this fading in the same way that a tattoo will is valid to a degree. However, this can take numerous years, but the procedure results are not going to fade entirely. It is also going to depend on the person, the skin tone, how they treat their scalps such as sunscreen use or moisturizing creams, and the quality of the SMP received. Receive the fundamentals on the treatment from this link.

Myth #2: You will be self-conscious of those around you taking notice of the results.

It is understood that people will see a visible difference in your appearance because you were either bald or thinning. Your hair is among the first things that people see when there’s a transformation. But it’s not going to be something that strangers on the street are going to pay any attention to if they weren’t aware of your situation prior. 

Once it’s explained to those close to you and they find it incredible, they’ll go on without any issue. You, as a person, are not going to be any different to your friends and family except the level of confidence that you exude. 

Myth #3: The effect isn’t realistic.

The result is only as good as the clinic that you choose. A reputable, experienced provider will produce a quality, successful example. This is because the technician is implementing only the proper equipment with the optimum in training, providing results that are subtle and genuine in appearance. The best treatment will leave you with a pigmented finish that makes it impossible to tell where the real hair starts.

There is work involved on your part. It is necessary, for the look to be retained, to shave your hair at least every two or three days to keep it authentic. Allowing hair growth will cause an odd combination. Maintenance is a part of the routine. But that also depends on how quickly your hair grows. Some people may not need to shave at all.

Myths Concerning Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures

Final Word

Affordability is going to be relative. For many people, the value for quality and cosmetic improvement is worth a few more dollars than finding the cheapest option on the market. There are clinics available for almost any price point, but at each level of the cost, you have to factor in the team’s level of training and what type of tools will be used. 

Again, a good idea when engaging in anything that has to do with your body is to consult with your medical provider for advice. Many times these professionals are familiar with other experts and can offer recommendations. If not, you should research thoroughly to find an experienced, reputable clinic that uses only the most up-to-date equipment with a competently trained staff. Being safe and maintaining your well-being is priceless.

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