6 Running Essentials For Beginners

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, it is important to research the right running gear. Remember that there is no bad running day, only inappropriate running wear and gears. You may be tempted to run in your workout clothes. However, specialized equipment and the right clothing can make a considerable difference. There are many things you do not want to interfere in your training plan, and calls for many necessities. We have compiled 10 key updated running gear essentials to ensure your best performance. Running is for all and a low-maintenance activity that everyone can easily incorporate into their everyday lives. 

Shoes for Running

Running shoes are made to protect your feet from the impacts of running. Bad running shoes can result in bad long-term consequences like knee pain and poor body control. There are 3 essential features to look for while picking a running shoe- Padded cushioning, Light Weight and Motion Control. Beginner runners can avoid investing in very expensive shoes as they might not know what suits them the best initially. Instead, look for slightly affordable options or you can get plenty of women and men running shoes for sale from time to time. 

Running Wear

Many new runners assume that running clothes have to be expensive for good quality. However, this is not true entirely. If you are a beginner runner, you can start by purchasing basic running clothing. The professional running clothes are breathable and lightweight to give you seamless comfort. Additionally, they are equipped with enhanced visibility and reflective materials for better protection at night. Running wear has to be worn according to the weather. For summers, you need fabrics that allow you to breathe and keep away sweat. At the same time, winters demand more nylon or wool running fabrics. For guys that are into sports like basketball, can wear nylon basketball socks for men & women in their favorite team colors & logo, be it an LA Lakers pair of socks or Chicago Bulls, you get it all.

Then, you can go for wearing a tube sock or baseball stirrups that help strengthen your muscles and provide added muscle support, when you’re running, sprinting, or slow jogging on the track. There are different types of custom baseball stirrups that you can go for buying online from reputed stores like tcksports.com that sells a huge variety of these sports socks and stirrups for men & women in trendy designs, color combinations, fabric materials and different sizes.

Sun Protection

Outdoors seem to be the other home for runners, and they should protect their skin and eyes from the sun. Sun exposure can be dangerous, especially with heavy cardiovascular exercises like running. The harmful UV rays from the sun can harm your eyes and cause irritation and damage. Investing in a pair of UV-blocking running sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection is important. It helps to block the dangerous rays and protect the eye area around. Choosing a polarized lens that provides the highest UV protection is best. Also, invest in a high 30 or more SPF, waterproof sunscreen that provides overall protection from the rays. You should also wear a hat to give your face more protection. 


The right music can give runners the thrill they need to continue running. Wireless Headphones or wireless earbuds have several advantages as they are portable and allow better flexibility. However, battery life may be an issue on long running distances. Plus, wireless can be expensive too. Another popular choice is over-the-ear headphones which are great for people who wish to tune out the outside world and enjoy the music

Apps and Phone

Caring for a phone while running might not seem feasible, but it is a preferable choice for many. Also, it is sometimes important to carry your phone for emergencies when you are hitting long distances. With your phone, you can listen to music, click photos, contact your running mates, and use a running/health app. You can carry it in your hand, an armband carrier, or a side bag with pockets.

Sports Watch/Fitness Bands

A sports watch is useful for keeping track of your speed during races, mapping your route, checking your calories, checking important messages and using GPS. If you are a beginner, invest in a simple watch with a stop and start button over an advanced watch. You can use it to time runs and measure run intervals. 

We advise runners to start with the basics and not invest in a lot of gear beforehand. That starts with a pair of comfy, supportive sneakers per your personal needs and goals. 


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