Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate and support the body’s natural healing process. Some researchers believe that this heating therapy works by enhancing the body’s capability to release nitric oxide, which is vital for wound healing through controlling the body’s inflammatory response, cell proliferation, collagen synthesis, and antimicrobial action.

Magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years and has been documented in several medical traditions. PEMF therapy is currently gaining popularity all over the world as a treatment option for those with autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, and even mental health conditions.

Before purchasing a PEMF therapy machine, you might have various questions in your mind about its safety and effectiveness. Some common inquiries that you might take into account include the following: Is it secure? How will it affect my emotional and physical health? Are electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body?

If you have wondered about any of these things or have serious concerns about investing in PEMF, then this article is for you. We discuss the top 5 essential things regarding PEMF and its risks.

 Is PEMF a Safe Therapy?

The answer is “No“. When considering the safety of pulsed electromagnetic fields, the two most crucial factors to take into account are their intensity and their exposure duration. The electromagnetic waves employed in PEMF therapy typically have a low frequency. The majority of them fall between 5 and 30 Hz. These electromagnetic waves are comparable to those found in nature and are actually less powerful than those created by thunderstorms.

PEMF therapy is a typically safe alternative technique for most people who are looking for relief from chronic pain or are dealing with acute symptoms from a recent accident. Despite being usually regarded as safe, X-rays can be detrimental if they damage cells in ways that the body cannot quickly repair and do raise the chance of cancer.

Is PEMF Therapy FDA Approved?

Since the middle of the 1950s, PEMF therapy has been the topic of numerous clinical studies and trials all over the world, but especially in Japan, the United States, and Western Europe. The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has licensed PEMF therapy for a number of injuries and ailments during the past 50 years. The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) authorized PEMF therapy in 1979 for the treatment of non-union fractures, or fractures that cannot be healed by the body alone.

Is PEMF similar to Electric Shock Therapy?

People frequently assume that PEMF is the same as electricity or electroconvulsive therapy, both of which transmit electric currents throughout the patient’s body when they read about PEMF. Given that they are unaware of the true mechanisms underlying PEMF therapy, some people may find this frightening. Actually, PEMF generates electromagnetic fields from the electricity that enters the patient’s body and helps the patient’s cells and body recover, revitalize, and mend themselves. PEMFs, in contrast to electricity, are completely safe and non-toxic.

Is PEMF an Alternative Treatment?

More people nowadays are aware of the adverse effects of prescription drugs. PEMF Therapy – a safe alternative therapy that enables patients to avoid the harmful side effects of drugs is now highly sought after by many patients.

PEMF therapy can provide a secure choice for treating a variety of ailments like anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, osteoarthritis, and others for the majority of people seeking relief.

Is PEMF Therapy Machine Affordable?

The price of PEMF machines ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, which is surprisingly low. These devices appear to be a fantastic deal in comparison to the typical PEMF equipment when you consider that the majority of digital treadmills and stationary bikes cost more. They are also a much more cost-effective investment when you take into account the potential savings on future clinical costs and hospital bills that owning a PEMF machine can provide.

Overall, PEMF is a safe and effective alternative to traditional pain treatments for both acute and chronic pain, as well as for some mental health conditions. This affordable, FDA-approved therapy provides a number of alternative or supplementary solutions for a range of physical and mental disorders.

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