Hey there, wellness enthusiasts! If you’re anything like me, always on the hunt for the next best thing in health and wellness, then you’ve probably heard about Restore Hyper Wellness. It’s this fantastic place that’s all about helping folks like us achieve our health and wellness goals through a variety of services. I recently dived into what they offer and let me tell you, it’s pretty exciting stuff, especially when you consider the Restore Hyper Wellness prices!

So, let’s break it down, shall we? Restore Hyper Wellness offers a few different membership options that cater to just about anyone looking to boost their wellness game. They’ve got something for the newbies and the seasoned pros alike. Here’s the scoop on what they offer:

Restore Hyper Wellness Prices

This simple table summarizes the Restore Hyper Wellness membership options and their prices, based on the earlier information. Keep in mind, that the prices can vary by location, so it’s always best to check with your local studio for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Membership OptionServices IncludedPrice (Example: Columbus, OH)Notes
Discover4 core services or 1 base IV dripCheck local studioUnused credits expire in 100 days
Level Up8 core services or 2 base IV drips$169Unused credits expire in 100 days
Elevate14 core services or 3 base IV dripsCheck local studioUnused credits expire in 100 days


  • Core Services: Cryotherapy (Whole Body or Local), Red Light Therapy, Compression, Infrared Sauna.
  • First-time clients: Special pricing available, e.g., $99 base IV drip therapy at some locations.
  • Additional Benefits: Members can save up to 30% on any additional service or package.
  • Membership Requirements: All memberships require a three-month minimum commitment and will automatically renew unless specified.
  • Pricing Variation: Prices vary by location; the above table uses Columbus, OH, as an example for the Level Up membership.

This table gives a clear overview of the different membership options available at Restore Hyper Wellness, along with a glimpse into the pricing structure. Remember, for the most accurate pricing and to explore additional services, reaching out to your local Restore studio is the way to go.

Membership Options Galore!

  • Discover Membership: This one’s perfect if you’re just dipping your toes into the wellness world. It gives you four core services or one base IV drip. And guess what? If you’re not into what you picked initially, you can trade in those four credits for a base IV. Just remember, those credits have a shelf life of 100 days.
  • Level Up Membership: Ready to take things up a notch? This membership includes eight core services or two base IV drips. It’s pretty flexible, allowing you to mix and match credits. And like the Discover tier, you can trade in credits for a base IV if that’s more your style.
  • Elevate Membership: For those who are all in on their wellness journey, this one provides fourteen core services or three base IV drips. It’s the ultimate package for keeping yourself rejuvenated and at the top of your game.

The Core Services

Now, onto the fun part – the core services! Restore offers some cool options like Cryotherapy (either Whole Body or Local), Red Light Therapy, Compression, and an Infrared Sauna. Pretty neat, right?

Let’s Talk Pricing

Pricing can vary depending on your location, but here’s a general idea:

  • First-time clients can snag a base IV drip therapy at some locations for $99. Not too shabby for a test run!
  • Membership pricing also varies. For example, the Level Up membership goes for $169 in Columbus, OH.
  • Walk-in services: And if you’re not ready to commit to a membership, walk-in visits are totally a thing.

Additional Benefits

Being a member has its perks, like saving up to 30% on any additional service or package. Plus, you can stack memberships to customize your wellness plan. Just keep in mind there’s a three-month minimum commitment, and those unused credits won’t last forever.

Important Notes: Good To Know

Prices and services can change, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Restore studio for the latest info. Trust me, it’s worth a chat to create a personalized wellness plan that fits your needs.

And there you have it! My deep dive into Restore Hyper Wellness and all the goodness they offer. Whether you’re looking to chill out with some cryotherapy or get that glow with red light therapy, there’s something for everyone.

Remember, wellness is a journey, so why not make it as enjoyable and rejuvenating as possible? Cheers to taking that next step in your wellness journey!

Have you had a chance to experience the incredible offerings at Restore Hyper Wellness? If so, we’re eager to hear all about it! Share your tips, favorite services, and how Restore has made a difference in your wellness journey. Your insights could be a guiding light for others looking to embark on a similar path. Drop your stories and advice in the comments below—let’s create a community of wellness together!

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