If you are thinking of joining an alcohol detox center then you must be aware of the current scenario. There are a lot of new detox centers cropping up across the country, and we’re not sure if they all are up to the mark. True, all of them claim to be the best in what they do, but the true mark of a good detox center shows through some questions. Here are some of them you can ask before judging a center’s worth.

How Long is the Detox Center Functioning

You need to check up on how long the detox center has been functioning. It could be a decade old center or it could have just sprung up last week. What makes them different is the experience the staff in the facility have. Also, a facility that has been operating for a long time, tends to gain a reputation for itself. You will definitely hear about it from your peers and even from the society around you.

Experience of the Medical Team

Like we said before, a long-standing facility will have experienced staff holding up its mantle. This includes all the doctors, and clinicians that make up the team. The staff will be well-trained for both emergency and normal conditions. They will understand the patient’s psyche, for they have seen a lot of patients over the years. They can be trusted with their experience.

How Long Will the Process Take

As you check up for admission, make sure to find out how long the detox process takes in the given facility. Normally it takes between 3 to 7 days for a thorough detox. Some facilities even take it further. It all depends on the patient’s physical and mental conditions. So, your detox plan will be unique to you. Hence, it is better you check if the time period will suit your schedule or not.

Amenities Provided in the Facility

This is important in some ways for you to stay in the alcohol detox clinic for at least a few days. The detox center must provide quality amenities for you to stay and relax. A good quality room, with proper meals, and entertainment facilities are a prerequisite. Make sure they are all available before you join them.

Types of Treatments & Medical Assistance

Make sure to read about the treatments and assistance programs in the detox center. Some facilities provide follow up therapies and counseling to their patients, while others refer them to other rehab centers. If you need a thorough treatment, you can join a center like Briarwood. This facility provides detox treatments and other recovery programs too.

Approximate Cost of the Detox Process

This is important too, for you will need to know how much detox for alcohol is going to cost your paycheck. Make sure to check if your insurance covers the treatment costs. Compare the treatment costs between various centers and choose the best one for you. We can guarantee you that you’ll not be disappointed with the care that we provide you at Briarwood Detox Center.

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