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To be able to see clearly is a blessing that most of us don’t care about. But, ask a blind person and they will tell you exactly how it feels like. Over a period of time, due to stress and strain on the eyes, a lot of us lose our ability to view things clearly.

Wearing spectacles can come to the rescue but as medical science has advanced, people are opting for another option and that is – contact lenses.

Contact lenses help you correct your vision without having to wear any add on such as specs. You can visit for more details on contact lenses. While we understand that wearing contact lenses could be tricky but once someone learns it, it becomes easier not just to wear them but also to remove them.

So where do you get these contact lenses from? What are the precautions to follow before and after their purchase? Let us have a look at it one by one.

Where to buy them from?

You can opt to make an online purchase or offline. While traditionally people prefer going to a brick-and-mortar shop and taking the experience of purchase, these days with innovation buying it online is also a convenient option.

There are plenty of websites available like that can facilitate the whole buying experience for you in no time. With the return and refund policy, it has become easier for people to trust these sites too. Like eyeglasses, contact lenses are used to correct vision.

Precautions to undertake before making a purchase

  1. Visit an eye doctor: It is important to get your eye examination done before opting for a lens. The consultation with the doctor can help you understand your lens better. At times for some people, lenses are not suitable. In such cases, these early examinations come handy.
  1. Go by recommendations: Now that you know that they suit you, the second step is to buy it from a trusted source. You can read more about it here for a clear understanding. Irrespective of whether you are buying it online or offline, make it a point to go behind reviews and recommendations.
  1. Learn a little about them: Most of the time people just get excited about the idea of discontinuing the spectacles and don’t really dig deeper about contact lenses. As someone who is trying it out for the first time, one should read thoroughly about it before deciding to go ahead.
  1. Hard or soft ones: As you research these lenses make sure that you also learn about the different types of lenses. Some are disposable while some are not and then there are hard lenses as well as soft lenses. Hard ones are more likely to cause infection, but it allows the air to pass. So it is important that you make an informed decision.
  1. Beware of sub-standard products: With your eyes being the most important organ, never compromise on the quality of contacts in respect to their prices. Beware of the sub-standard contacts that are available in the market at relatively cheaper rates. 
  1. Seek immediate medical assistance: If at all you experience eye irritation or redness after wearing contacts then we advise you to seek immediate medical assistance. As far as possible, refrain from ignoring this situation as it may lead to serious repercussions.
Contact Lenses: Precautions to undertake before making a purchase

Now that you are aware of the precautionary measures to undertake, let us quickly have a look at the precautions to take once you buy them. Being delicate in nature, a thorough systematic cleaning routine of contacts is pivotal.

If you are using contacts for the first time, then don’t worry! We have got you covered with a simple 5-step cleaning process. Have a look!

  1. Wash your hands: It’s the preliminary stage to remove all the dirt and bacteria from your hands. Considering the sensitive nature of eyes, it’s pivotal for you to wash your hands and wipe them dry before opening the contact box.
  2. Right Cleaning Solution: Each set of contacts has a peculiar cleaning solution designed keeping in mind their chemical composition. Thus, instead of randomly picking any cleaning solution, opt for the one prescribed by your ophthalmologist.
  3. Be gentle: Once you pour some cleaning solution on your finger, gently apply it on both the sides of lenses. Avoid excessive rubbing as that will damage the delicate texture. Similarly, do not be in a hurry. Take your time to properly clean both sides.
  4. Storage Case Cleaning: Regular case cleaning avoids the accumulation of dust particles which if ignored can irritate your eyes. Hence, make it a point to take a soft tissue and gently clean the interior as well as the exterior area of the storage case.
  5. Store in a dry place: Post cleaning, ensure that you store the case with contacts in a dry place. Refrain from exposing it directly to the sunlight as that might just spoil their moisture content.

Thus, by following this 5-step process you can easily clean your contacts. Likewise, on the safer side, every 3 months try to change your contacts irrespective of their condition. This is because despite a good cleaning practice still there’s always a possibility of bacteria accumulation on the surface.

If ignored, then this bacterium can culminate into a series of eye infections which might prove hazardous for your eyes. Hence, instead of taking such a risk, it’s better to opt for periodic replacement of contacts.

Likewise, if you have got a busy schedule, then you can even make a smart investment of carrying an extra set of contacts. Such investment will come in handy in case you misplace or end up damaging either of the sets.

Having said that, by now you will be well-versed in the precautions and post-usage cleaning process of contacts. By adhering to our guidelines, soon you will be pro at handling these magical products.

However, under no circumstances, commit the folly of ignoring or delaying the cleaning routine. Once that is taken care of, then you can enjoy the delightful experience of these magical eye products.

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