Any cosmetic treatment, whether surgery or non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as botox injections and dermal fillers, must look completely natural and appropriate to the face. But we often see individuals who don’t look quite right. You may not be able to pinpoint just what it is at first, but it is noticeable.

We may see that the cheeks look too puffy, or the lips are too big for the face. It might be that the facial muscles don’t move naturally. Sometimes, we can’t work out exactly what it is that isn’t quite right. This is simply bad cosmetic work.

Regarding non-surgical cosmetic treatments, the result should look completely natural and, more importantly, not detectable as a cosmetic treatment. Good cosmetic work should rejuvenate or enhance the natural features and give the face a fresher appearance.

The Evolution of Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatments

The past few years have seen many advancements in injection techniques and new and versatile products. Facial injections and dermal filler injections are simple and safe procedures in the right hands.

There is minimal discomfort and, generally, no downtime. The best results are achieved using the highest quality products from a skilled and experienced cosmetic physician.

These non-invasive cosmetic treatments not only improve the appearance and health of the skin now. They also help to prevent the deepening of existing lines and further skin sagging.

As the technology for non-invasive cosmetic treatments continues to improve, we are handed a chance to do more than look good today. We can create our statement of who we are and how we want to present ourselves to the world.

Fashions come and go, but we are only born with one face. Neglecting this important fashion accessory and outward expression of ourselves may leave us appearing older than necessary.

It can certainly leave us looking older on the outside than many of us feel on the inside. We can spend a lot on fashions that come and go.

But our face is the ultimate fashion statement about ourselves. It is well worth the investment of care to prevent damage to our environment, repair the effects of aging, and enhance our features.

The Evolution of Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatments

Volume Loss and Facial Aging

The way our faces age over time is highly individualized. Many factors contribute to this process. Obviously, our genetic makeup is an important factor, and we can often look to our mothers for clues as to what to expect.

Other factors equally important include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking and exposure to other toxins
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Diet and lifestyle

Whatever the cause, there are changes in the face that occur at several levels:

  • In the skin, we see changes in pigmentation, loss of collagen, and decreased elasticity.
  • There is a loss of underlying fat in the face and changes to various facial muscles.
  • We even get loss of the underlying bone. The youthful face has more fullness and soft curves. As we age, a little “deflation” occurs. Skin becomes saggy, with some hollowing around the eyes, temples, and cheeks.

Some people have certain fears and apprehensions about using facial injections to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, we see evidence of inappropriate use of these products, with some individuals looking “overdone” and anything but natural.

In recent years, we have come a long way with improved quality and various facial injections like Botox. There have also been many advancements with respect to injection techniques and minimization of discomfort during the procedure.

To get the very best results with any non-surgical procedure, using the best quality products with a proven safety record is essential.

Equally as important is your injector’s skill, experience, and artistic eye. The aim is to improve the appearance in a completely natural way.

If you have concerns about facial injections and aging and would like to look at the options available, please make an appointment at James Christian Cosmetics for a complimentary consultation.

When You Look Good, You Feel Good!

Without question, every person wants to look their best. We all desire a healthy, glowing, and refreshed appearance. When we look at our best, we have greater self-confidence and enjoy more of life’s pleasures.

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments – Keep it Natural

As we age, changes occur to the face that detracts from how we feel inside. We develop wrinkles, skin folds, pigment changes, saggy skin, and loss of volume in the face.

Sometimes, we look tired or unhappy, with dark under-eye circles or a downturned mouth. The good news is that there are simple ways to improve these problems.

The best results are achieved when we combine several treatment options.

Less is definitely more when it comes to any cosmetic enhancement. Changes need to be subtle and completely natural.

The first undeniable basic in cosmetic enhancement is using effective and appropriate skin care products containing active ingredients backed by scientific evidence.

Complimenting optimal home care are in-clinic medically recommended skin treatments using different modalities to improve pigment, redness, fine lines, skin texture, scarring, and gentle tightening of looser skin.

The next step in restoring a natural, more refreshed, and youthful appearance is using cosmetic injectables.

These treatments have become extremely popular among women and men from all walks of life. The main reasons are that the treatments are simple, quick to perform, involve virtually no downtime, and cause minimal discomfort.

Techniques have come a long way in the past few years to improve natural outcomes, comfort levels, and safety.

Treatments such as cosmetic injectables for wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers to restore volume to areas on the face that have become flattened or hollowed are generally performed in a 30-minute session. People are usually able to return to work immediately after the treatment.

Attaining and then maintaining a natural, refreshed appearance needs a planned approach. In most cases, not all recommended treatments can be (nor should be) performed simultaneously.

Gradual improvements are seen over time when we follow a personalized treatment plan covering a 12-month. This gives people the opportunity to time their treatments to fit in with their lifestyle as well as well as their budget.

A cosmetic consultation at James Christian Cosmetics is complimentary and is the best way to know what options will work best for you.

Even if you have been enjoying some of these cosmetic treatments for a while, booking a complimentary planning appointment to reassess the best ongoing options is a good idea.

This is important because as we get older, our needs can change. Also, doctors are constantly developing new techniques and are able to address more of the facial changes that occur with aging.

Today’s options for facial rejuvenation

The term ‘facial rejuvenation’ covers a broad spectrum of skin care treatments ranging from laser skin resurfacing to micro-dermabrasion to botox injections and fillers to light therapy and combination techniques.

Over the last decade, research and technology development in skin care, particularly the anti-aging area, has exploded in an industry worth billions of dollars.

The topic is wide and worth exploring in detail if you are considering any form of anti-wrinkle or anti-aging skin treatment; for example, a topical cream containing one or more active anti-aging ingredients such as retinoids, antioxidants, emollients, peptides, vitamins, hormones, or phytochemicals, or more semi-permanent or permanent measures (with corresponding side effects) including laser therapy, facial injections or even plastic surgery.

While it is impossible to cover the myriad of options currently available, in this article, we will explore the area of beauty tips for anti-aging treatments, including facial injections like Botox.

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Know Your Cosmetic Injector!

Today's options for facial rejuvenation

For some women, the decision to start having cosmetic injectable treatments such as botox injections can be daunting.

After all, we are making subtle changes to our faces that can alter our appearance and how others see us. In the right hands, though, this process is a very safe and rewarding experience.

It is important that any cosmetic treatment, whether surgery or cosmetic injections, improves our appearance but does not change who we are. There is a great deal of skill involved in delivering treatments that:

Are subtle.

  • Allow us to look our very best.
  • Allow us to look less tired or less angry.
  • Do not make us look like someone different!
  • Do not make us all look the same!

Unfortunately, we have all seen people who have not had this experience look completely fake and overdone. To get the best results from facial injectable treatments, finding the right cosmetic physician is important. This must be someone you can trust and talk to. This is a relationship that should last for years.

Given the time, a thorough consultation is essential to discuss any particular concerns you may have and to talk about achievable results. Everybody has different goals, and treatments can vary from minor interventions to a more significant makeover.

Before making any changes to your appearance, big or small, you need to ensure that the person carrying out your procedure has undergone the appropriate training. If you are getting Botox or fillers, for example, they will need to have done cosmetic injector training.

Most people do not want to make major changes to the face. Most are looking at making subtle enhancements that can slow down the appearance of aging. Treatments can be done stepwise, making small improvements over a mutually agreeable time frame.

The aging process does not stop; we rarely get to a stage in life when we no longer want to look our best. The ideal scenario is to have a relationship with your cosmetic physician like with your family GP.

Someone you can trust to give you the best advice and recommendations specifically for you and deliver with skill and expertise only acquired through years of experience and further education.

Look Younger with Clearer, Smoother, and Healthier Skin

We all want skin that’s a little clearer, smoother, and fewer lines and wrinkles! As we age, we must pay more attention to these issues to keep our skin looking its best. Both genetic factors and environmental influences determine skin aging.

We can’t do much about our genes, but we can reduce our exposure to the sun, cigarettes, poor diet, alcohol, hormonal imbalance, and stress, all of which accelerate skin aging.

Using appropriate home skin care products is also essential to keep the skin looking its best. Different skin types and people of different ages will need to use different products on their skin. What is good for one skin type may be very irritating for another.

This is where it is essential to get professional advice about the best products for your skin type following a skin analysis by a qualified dermal therapist or cosmetic nurse.

We would suggest making a complimentary consultation at James Christian Cosmetics for a skin assessment and personalized recommendations.

The next important step to improving skin is to treat imperfections already present and improve skin quality by stimulating collagen production and cell turnover and reducing pore size.

There are many different types of facial treatments available to improve skin quality. Treatable problems include pigmentation, redness, broken capillaries, skin laxity with loss of collagen, and textural problems such as wrinkles and acne scarring. We want maximum improvement with minimal discomfort and downtime in today’s busy world.

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