Nine Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Getting UTIs
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To maintain a healthy urinary tract, women need to make specific lifestyle changes. These changes help ward off the harmful infections, which may become the cause of UTI. Studies suggest that approximately ten to twenty percent of women develop UTI at least once in their lifetime, and this number is staggering.

So, if you look at it, every one or two of the ten women you know have suffered from this condition. Many people experience a bladder infection and even cystitis. The fact of the matter is none of us wish to fall prey to UTIs.

Having said that, here is a list of some lifestyle changes that you can make to guard yourself against it. Let us get started and address them one by one.

Manage your bathroom habits

At times, you will be in situations where you can’t visit the restroom as soon as you feel the urge. Moreover, there are also a few jobs that tend to curtail your bathroom access. This is when you have to hold it for a little longer. The problem is when you hold back, the susceptibility to UTI elevates. 

To overcome this cause, you should make it a point to visit the bathroom as soon as you get the urge. This is particularly important for women who have a higher susceptibility to UTI. 

‘Honestly, back in the day, I worked in an office wherein the bathroom breaks are looked down upon, and my body is prone to catching UTI infections, and I could not afford to risk myself again and again.

So, I spoke to my gynecologist and got a note from my doctor stating that it is a medical condition. I should be allowed more frequent bathroom breaks,’ comments Linda, an educator who offers assignment help Australia services.

Please ensure that the fecal matter keeps away from the urethra’s opening. When you clean, always wipe from front to back. It will ensure that you do not spread the bacteria. 

Rethink your birth control

A spermicide, spermicide-lubricated condom, or diaphragm heightens your chances of developing UTI as they all lead to bacterial growth. If you frequently get UTIs and use these birth control methods, you need to make a healthy switch to a water-based lubricant. This can help you overcome vaginal dryness. You can also speak to your doctor, try any other birth control method, and see if it brings in any change in you. 

Consume more fruits

Fruits are excellent to help you lose weight. Further, fruits are also rich in nutrients. They have vitamins that help strengthen your immune system. Some studies prove fruit juices, such as cranberries, can help you during UTIs. Moreover, blueberries, too, can be pretty helpful. When you consume fruits daily, your body is better capable of fighting infections. 

Change your urination habits.

To eliminate the bacteria from your body, you have to pee. When you pee, you eliminate all the waste from your bladder. Further, frequent urination can lower your risk of catching an infection. This is particularly important if you have a history of developing recurring UTI. Thus, it would help if you consumed a lot of fluids.

Simultaneously avoid foods and drinks that can irritate your bladder. These may include citrus juices, alcohol, spicy foods, and caffeinated drinks. Further, you must make it a habit to urinate before and after sex. This is vital to eliminate all the bacteria that may have entered your body during intercourse. 

‘I always wash my genital area pre and post-sex as I tend to develop UTI, anytime I get careless,’ states Lily, an expert who provides do my coursework service.

Also, this is one practice that healthcare professionals advocate. 

Stay hydrated

As stated earlier, the best way to prevent UTI infections is by keeping yourself hydrated. Please bear in mind; this is not any other cliché you hear from health professionals or doctors. When you consume adequate quantities of water, you keep your urinary tract healthy.  

Now, the question that may hover in your head is how much water should you drink? Your water consumption should be more than what you think is ideal. If you are continually getting UTIs, switch your water consumption to precisely double what you are consuming because, quite evidently, you are not drinking enough water. Your water consumption should be enough to urinate frequently. 

Wear comfortable clothing and underwear

There are some fabrics and tightly-fitted clothes that irritate your urethra and genital area. Hence, you need to pick cotton underwear over the underwear that is made of rough fabrics. Further, use a mild detergent to wash your detergent. It will prevent your genitals’ contact with harmful chemicals. 

Keep a check on your stress levels.

‘As a working professional, you will be exposed to stress on a routine basis. Stress often takes a toll on your immune system. To overcome stress, the first step is acknowledging that you are stressed and then finding the triggers to stress. It would be best if you kept these triggers in check to keep you protected from all kinds of infections and illnesses,’ comments Janice, an educator who offers pay someone to do my chemistry homework services. 

Another great way to keep your stress levels under check is exercising every day. Try to engage with nature, find time for your hobbies, and harness your artistic side to deal with stress.

Instead of baths, take showers.

When you take baths, you feel relaxed. It is beneficial if you have had a long day at work. But, when you soak yourself in a bathtub, the risk of bacteria entering into your urinary tract is quite high. Thus, it is recommended to opt for showers over baths. 

Limit your sugar consumption

Lastly, we have the tip that will not directly help when you have a UTI infection, but it will help you monitor your weight. More so, consumption of a higher degree of sugar tends to suppress your immune system, and that restricts your body from fighting viruses and bacteria. 

So, these are the nine best tips to prevent UTI infections. Have more suggestions? Let us know in the comment box below.


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