11 Must-Have Things to Take to Workout

The productivity and effectiveness of training in the gym depends on many factors. Not the last role is played by a person’s readiness for sports. When going to the gym for the first time, you need to take into account many nuances and put uniforms, bath items and auxiliary items in a sports bag.

1. Sports bag

First of all, you need to get a sports bag. It should have an attractive appearance and please its owner. However, design is far from the main thing. A sports bag should be roomy and have several additional pockets that will allow you to conveniently store all your things. In addition, it should have comfortable handles and a shoulder strap that can be thrown over the shoulder.

2. Sportswear

The choice of the form should be approached very responsibly because comfort during training directly depends on it. Clothing must be sized. If it suddenly turns out to be small, it will crush and constrain movements, on the contrary, it will interfere and will not allow the coach to assess the correctness of the exercises.

Shoes should be designed for sports. Female workout shoes designed with good cushioning, secure lacing and a textured sole are ideal for the gym. It is also necessary to select them by size, and not by growth. This approach will help avoid traumatic situations. Sports socks should be worn under sneakers to prevent chafing of the legs.

Additionally, it is worth putting gloves on for sports. They will help to avoid the formation of calluses on the hands and make training on simulators more comfortable. It is worth giving preference to gloves made of dense material that will not rub and get wet.

3. Proper underwear

This recommendation is mainly for girls. Laces have no place in the gym, no matter how comfortable they are – the straps will fall, the bones will dig in, and the lace will rub. Bring a sports top that can be worn under a T-shirt. He will get rid of such troubles.

4. Towel

Be sure to bring a towel with you. No need to carry a huge terry towel with you – buy a microfiber sports towel, they are both large (suitable for a shower after a workout), and small ones that you can take with you to the gym to lay under your head or wipe sweat. They are compact, lightweight, dry quickly, washable and won’t take up much space in your gym bag.

5. Bath accessories

Most clubs have showers where you can clean up after a grueling workout. Therefore, the following bath accessories must be put in the bag:

  • shampoo;
  • shower gel;
  • washcloth;
  • towel;
  • slippers.

In order not to overload the bag, it is worth taking miniature bottles of hygiene products.

6. Water

Of course, in any club, there are water coolers, but it is better to have your own bottle. Here’s why: firstly, it’s convenient, you don’t need to be distracted from your workout and run to the cooler, and secondly, this way you can track the amount of fluid you drink – keeping the water-salt balance is important for maintaining health and good mood.

7. Callus Gloves

This is a recommendation for those who go to the gym or for a cycling workout. Take fingerless sports gloves with you. They will protect your hands from calluses. In the store, you will find them under the name “athletic gloves” or “fitness gloves”.

8. Cosmetic bag with miniatures

Get yourself a cosmetic bag with mini-bottles for all the products you need and pour your usual shampoos and creams into them so as not to carry huge heavy bottles with you. These bottles are often sold in large cosmetic stores.

9. Scrunchy

Girls with long hair should definitely have a few hair ties in their makeup bag. No hairpins, hairpins, crabs and other hair accessories are suitable for going to a fitness club. Owners of short haircuts should take with them a bandage that removes hair from the face.

10. Accessories for men

It may seem strange at first glance that there are also accessories that a man needs to work out in the gym. But they are really necessary. In this case, wristbands are useful for fixing the brush, with which it is good to remove sweat from the forehead. Also, spare socks will come in handy. Well, if there are several pairs.

Another important accessory is a roomy sports bag. It must be durable and stylish. It is better to opt for dark colours, thanks to this the bag will not get too dirty.

While lazy citizens complain about excess weight and lack of time to play sports, those people who are really worried about their health take two bags with them to the office: in one, sports things for going to the gym after work, in the second – a laptop, a pair -three containers with healthy food and other personal items. Yes – it’s not convenient to carry two bags or a bag with a backpack, and yes – you need to get up early to prepare before going out, but you remain fit, energetic and attractive over the years, and you live a full life, and don’t exist like a vegetable with a clearly defined sofa program. sofa work. In this case, a backpack designed specifically for active comrades who are fond of sports will help.

11. Additional Items

In training, you can not do without water, so it is advisable to have a bottle of life-giving moisture always at hand. Today, manufacturers produce a wide range of stylish bottles that are designed specifically to be taken with you. They are quite often equipped with dispensers that allow you to saturate the water with fruit.

Those who drink whey protein powder shakes should take a shaker. This is a special container that has a lid valve and a mesh for mixing. The presence of a shaker is optional, but it will make your workout more enjoyable.

Approximately, this is the set of things that you need to take with you to the gym in order to work out well and not experience discomfort. The list can be varied depending on your needs and training features.

What should you not bring to the gym?

There are wardrobe items in which it is undesirable for men to work out in the gym. You can not use moccasins or sneakers instead of sneakers. The Vietnamese in this case are out of the question. This is not only a violation of the dress code of the gym but also a great inconvenience that will constantly accompany throughout the workout. It is better not to wear too short shorts for training, more like panties. It is inconvenient to train in too loose clothes.

High-quality equipment for training in the gym is not cheap. But in this case, you should not waste time on trifles and buy something cheaper because what is cheap usually does not last long. A worthy thing can usually be used for several seasons.


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