Did you know that two out of ten Americans suffer from some form of anxiety? People are stressed over many things. Warring families and difficult economic times are taking a huge toll on people’s mental ease and peace. But is there a way to solve this problem?

The good news is that you can enjoy peace of mind, especially when transacting a real estate deal; for instance, you can benefit from CBD’s stress-relieving power. Moreover, research shows that CBD relieves anxiety conditions. No wonder a 2022 Forbes Health survey showed that 51% of Americans use CBD to relieve anxiety and attain mental wellness, which is a good reason to search for full spectrum CBD vape cartridges and see how they work for your symptoms. 

Despite this promising future, the FDA still hesitates to approve CBD as an anxiety relief remedy. However, it doesn’t forbid its use but leaves the last choice to use it to you and your doctor. This post examines how CBD can calm your mind during real estate transactions and daily activities.

Mental Health Conditions CBD Helps Relieve

CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) calms the brain and supports the hippocampus. This vital area in the brain processes healthy emotions and stores memories. Taking CBD daily can boost your well-being and help you retain a healthy emotional state. 

Also, CBD optimizes mental and bodily health by interacting with the ECS. This body system regulates mood, sleep, and other vital functions. CBD also supports emotional and mental health by easing depression and anxiety symptoms that steal your peace.

So, what mental conditions can CBD help you with? Below are the main mental health conditions CBD relieves to calm your mind.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

This mental condition affects about 6.1% of American adults. An affected person manifests symptoms like re-experiencing traumatic events, intrusive thoughts, and nightmares. The person may also avoid things that trigger memories of their traumas.

Some studies suggest that CBD reduces these symptoms. One published study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that an oral CBD dose with conventional psychiatric PTSD treatment reduces these symptoms.


The National Institute of Mental Health says that depression is among the most common mental disorders in the USA. Depression affects some 17.3 million adults annually. Affected patients use different methods to treat this condition, such as medication and psychotherapy. Besides, recent years have seen an increased interest in alternative treatment. 

Researchers have also investigated CBD’s antidepressant power. Many antidepressants act on the brain’s serotonin receptors to relieve depression. Low serotonin levels promote depression development. A 2018 study disclosed that CBD’s antidepressant power depends on the brain’s serotonin levels. While CBD doesn’t directly increase serotonin levels, it still affects the brain’s response to existing serotonin amounts in the body. 


We saw that anxiety is a serious and prevalent mental health challenge affecting millions of Americans. Fortunately, research reveals that CBD helps reduce anxiety symptoms. A published 2015 study in the journal Neurotherapeutics reviewed current preclinical studies on CBD usage for anxiety. The results showed that CBD effectively relieved several anxiety conditions.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is another mental condition CBD relieves, allowing patients to retain their mental calm. This mental condition makes it difficult for a person to focus on things and control their impulsive behavior. One study discovered that CBD can boost mental alertness depending on how it’s administered. The study results showed that CBD benefited some users by making them more alert than others. It confirmed CBD’s mental wakefulness power to promote physical and mental focus and alertness. 

However, a 2020 study produced more promising results. The published study in the Journal of Cannabis Research discovered that CBD significantly promotes mental health. It also confirmed its ability to help people with ADHD.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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Ways to Incorporate CBD in Your Stress Relief Strategy 

Up to there, you are abreast of what CBD can do to give you a peaceful mind. But the big question remains: how can you incorporate it into your daily stress relief strategy? Well, no need to worry about it if you don’t know because this section addresses this issue. 

First, we emphasize that self-care is critical to enjoying a calm mind. You should take personal responsibility for your serenity. Some may choose to walk in the park early morning or late in the evening. Others opt to meditate to promote their mental health. But regardless of your preferred routine, you can incorporate CBD into your daily anti-stress strategy in the following ways:

Your Sleep Routine

A stressed mind can cause insomnia and vice versa. People who have insomnia because of stress have difficulties controlling their worrying thoughts. Consequently, they can’t rest and sleep well. Remember, sleep time is the best chance to ease your mind and plunge it into a relaxed state that enables it to refresh and renew.

You can invest in your sleep by taking a soothing bath before sleeping, breathing exercises, and meditating. Overall, crown your pre-bed rituals by taking a CBD product that helps you sleep faster and for a long time. Whether you take CBD gums or oil, you will wake up to a refreshed day following CBD’s calming interaction with your mind. 

Your Wellness Regimen

You can also boost your mental wellness using a wellness routine. For instance, you may take light bodily exercises which directly influence the mind. Meditation is another way to calm distracting thoughts after a long day. 

However, your wellness regimen suffers if your mind is clogged. You need a sharp mind to focus on your daily routines. Fortunately, CBD comes in handy to help you calm your mind. This way, you are better positioned to reap optimal benefits from your workout and meditation. 

Easing Physical Tension

Persistent muscle tension can symptomize a stressed mind. You may also experience overall body discomfort and soreness. CBD is handy when you face these symptoms because it calms tensioned muscles, giving you physical and mental relief.

We recommend topical CBD products like balms and oils in such cases. Rub these remedies into the affected stiff joints and muscles. These products are excellent for easing pain and stiffness; you only need to massage the oil or balm into the aching spot to unwind. 

Remember, ignoring chronic pain or bodily discomfort can also affect your general well-being. For instance, an aching body that denies you good sleep directly denies your mind a chance to unwind and refresh. 

Ways to Use CBD for Mental Relief 

Lastly, we look at how you can use CBD in product forms tailored to meet your needs. CBD has many products because people prefer interacting with it differently. You can use it in the following forms:

  • Oils and tinctures. Oils and tinctures are available in dropper bottles; you can consume them orally. 
  • Gummies. These products are savvy and discreet for those who don’t like oil or tincture taste. These chewable products are sweet, convenient to carry, and easy to use. The chewing gums also have different tastes.
  • Sprays. You can also consume CBD in spray form. These solutions come in bottles with nozzles for spraying in the mouth.
  • Capsules. You can choose between softgels or tablets to get your share of CBD. These products are easy to use and conveniently portable.  

Parting Shot

We hope you are abreast of what you need to know about CBD for mental calm during your daily transactions. The ball is in your court to use this valuable information to give your mind that much-need peace using CBD.

About the Author

Lana Braslavska, a cannabis researcher and blogger at AskGrowers, composed this article to inform consumers about varied ways of restoring physical and mental balance with the help of CBD remedies. She is an ardent supporter of CBD use for health and wellness, so she works on consumer education to close the gap between people with varied ailments and the CBD market of herbal, non-addictive remedies.

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