Eyelashes tend to break, typically due to age, inadequate immune systems, infections, unhealthy and stressful lifestyles, and the use of specific makeup. Doctors recommend Latisse lashes for fuller, luscious and darker eyelashes. 

What is Latisse (Bimatoprost)?

Latisse is an FDA-approved medication formulated to lengthen and make the lashes thicker. Post-approval in 2008, Latisse is still the only treatment that’s scientifically proven to improve the growth of your lashes. A contemporary solution that’s applied daily on the upper eyelashes with a sterile and unique applicator. When used daily as per prescription, Latisse can assist grow long and dense eyelashes. If eyelashes are excessively thin, Latisse could be a solution. The key active ingredient is bimatoprost which is formulated to treat the growth condition hypotrichosis, causing inadequate growth of the eyelashes.

How does it work:

There is a possibility that Latisse makes eyelashes grow for more extended and reach a greater length than they usually would. Backed by scientific data, the nimble ingredient in Latisse is believed to transform the way your eyelashes behave during the anagen or growth phase of the hair cycle. Latisse can additionally be used to fill in sparse eyebrows. A tiny drop of the solution used regularly works just right.


This process is effective for most people. Researchers found that patients given bimatoprost noticed an increase in length of the lashes and an increase in thickness and darkness of eyelashes during testing. Bimatoprost was then adapted into a new treatment designed specifically to improve the growth of the eyelashes. However, the process takes a month or two to show results. 

Is it safe to use?:

Latisse should be safe to use as long as you have healthy eyes. If you are unsure how healthy your eyes are, an eye doctor can examine and ensure that you are a good candidate for Latisse. Latisse is a prescription medication, so you need to talk to a specialist, PA-C, or ARNP who can prescribe it. If you start Latisse, you develop eye or eyelid irritation or eyelid discoloration, stop using the product and call your doctor.

Side effects:

Latisse contains bimatoprost, the same active ingredient in the glaucoma drug Lumigan. The most general side effects are an itching sensation in the eyes or redness in the eye. Patients who experience these symptoms report improvement after a couple of weeks of use.

Other less common side effects typically occur on the skin close to where Latisse is applied or in the eyes, including skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness of the eyes, and redness of the eyelids. The side effects are usually mild.

Treatment Procedure:

The Latisse solution is applied daily once or twice to your lids every day. Latisse treatment is not complicated, but Latisse needs to be applied each day according to the prescription. You won’t have the same results if you skip a dose or routinely use it. It can take a while before you see any results, maybe a month or two, and eventually, to maintain your results, you’ll need to keep using Latisse. 

Since Latisse received FDA approval in 2008, it has become the go-to treatment among people wanting to grow fuller, thicker lashes. Latisse is more prevalent among older women whose lash growth has slowed down due to age. It’s also popular among younger women whose own lashes are naturally sparse or who have lost their lashes due to a medical condition or treatment. If your goal is to have thicker, lusher, darker lashes, Latisse could be the perfect solution to help you.


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