Did you know liposuction is 15% of all cosmetic surgery procedures completed globally as of 2022?

Whether you’re looking to lose some love handles or reduce a bulging stomach, you want only the best in cosmetic surgery. In the last decade or two, two desirable procedures have hit the market: laser liposuction and coolsculpting.

Both boast impressive before/after photos. Many clients rave about their results. Both are considered minimally invasive, so there isn’t a traumatic recovery.

But what sets them apart? Which is better, laser liposuction vs coolsculpting?

Laser Liposuction vs Coolsculpting: What Are the Differences?

Laser liposuction and coolsculpting are two popular body contouring techniques. They are used to reduce unwanted body fat.

What is laser liposuction? Laser liposuction uses laser energy to melt fat cells. On the other hand, coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells.

Both techniques are considered safe and effective but differ in how they break down fat. Laser liposuction breaks down the fat cells and liquefies the fat quickly and efficiently.

Coolsculpting slowly reduces the fat cells over several months. It requires multiple treatment sessions, while laser liposuction can be completed in one to two treatments.

Both procedures are minimally invasive and require minimal downtime. They also offer a range of skin contouring benefits.

Ultimately, the decision between laser liposuction or coolsculpting depends on the patient’s needs, goals, treatment area, and overall health.

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Pros and Cons: Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction can be a safe and effective way to create a more attractive shape and profile. It can provide improvements to specific problem areas.

Laser liposuction is less invasive than traditional liposuction and offers a faster recovery—particularly when compared to conventional methods.

Laser liposuction can target specific areas isolated from healthy tissue. It can result in improved body contouring with minimal scarring and discomfort. Furthermore, laser liposuction offers precise control over fat removal with less bleeding, swelling, and bruising.

However, laser liposuction costs can be expensive and can have some adverse effects. This procedure may not be suitable for some individuals.

Pros and Cons: Coolsculpting

The major pro of coolsculpting is that it is safe with little to no downtime. It also reduces fat in targeted areas more effectively than diet and exercise alone.

It is fast and painless with no side effects. The major con is that the results are not permanent, and multiple treatment sessions may be necessary.

Redness and swelling can last up to a week after treatment. Ultimately, coolsculpt may be a good choice for those looking for a quick and safe way to reduce fat in troublesome spots.

Get Back in Shape With Laser Liposuction or Coolsculpting

Laser liposuction vs coolsculpting? Those are two options for those interested in fat reduction. Schedule a consultation with a certified surgeon today to determine your best option.

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