You might have heard someone saying that they wasted so many hours sleeping. This is absolutely wrong because sleep is the most important thing for us after oxygen, food and water. It is the sleep which can make your day or ruin it. If you are struggling with sleep, check medambien to find the best options for a better and more relaxing sleep.

Sleep keeps you relaxed for the next day; this is why you feel fresh when you sleep well. Conversely, lack of sleep or disturbed sleep makes you all cranky, irritated and prone to break down the next day. In the long run, you may develop mental disorders and many physical health issues due to lack of sleep. 

Sleep is essential for us for many reasons, but we have compiled only the most crucial ones.

1.    A more Productive You

As per research, sleep enhances your productivity. The first effect of sleep you see in the morning is a more energetic, fresh and motivated you. You are ready to do all your tasks enthusiastically. Have you ever observed the impact of a nap on your productivity? They charge you in the middle of the day after exhausting mornings, which is why they are called power naps.

Your brain needs focus when you are busy working, and it cannot concentrate while you are sleep-deprived. There are many road accidents where the reason for the crash is a sleepless accidentally dozing off. The same happens in factories where workers tend to work overtime and cannot work productively. The increased work time decreases their productivity which occurs due to lack of sleep.

2.    Sleep and Mental Health

Sleep and Mental Health

Sleep is a major catalyst for improving or deteriorating mental health. The interesting part is that our mental health and sleep are interdependent. We can improve our mental health with good quality sleep, and sound sleep helps us improve mental health.

There are many shreds of evidences which prove that lack of sleep can impact our mental health by increasing the risk of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. This is why most of the medicines for these symptoms include sedatives and relaxants.

3.    Overall Health

It is not wrong if we say that sleep improves our health from head to toe. Our heart is made of powerful muscles which continuously pump blood through our body. Although it is designed to rest during work, sleep offers much-deserved rest that helps our muscles relax, including the heart muscles. As per studies, sound sleep reduces the risk of heart diseases to a great extent. Moreover, good quality sleep decreases the risk of heart attack also.

Many digestion issues also get worse when you don’t sleep properly. Ulcers, nausea and sickness in many individuals are caused by poor sleep. So, if you want to enjoy good overall health, sleep is the foremost factor to consider.

Since inflammation is caused by lack of sleep, many liver and kidney issues are caused or get worse when you pay attention only to medication and not to your sleep routine.

4.    Managing Healthy Weight

If you struggle with managing weight, the underlying reason could be your sleep pattern. Sleeping for less than seven hours can increase BMI and weight, and many studies have proved this fact. This risk of gaining weight can go as high as 41%.

Lack of sleep disturbs the balance of leptin and ghrelin. These are the hormones which are responsible for managing our appetite. So if you have been wondering where your midnight cravings come from, this is the reason for it.

When you have not slept enough, your energy level goes down, and your body tries to maintain it by eating junk. This is another horror story for your weight loss journey. So, if you want a healthy weight, manage your sleep first.

5.    Glowing Skin

You are wrong if you think that swollen eyes and zombies’ faces are only visible symptoms of poor sleep. Your skin depends on the quality of sleep far more than this. Research proves that a lack of sleep triggers skin diseases. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease which is almost incurable. Managing sleep is one of the basic requirement while treating psoriasis because a disturbed sleep routine affects it negatively. Lack of sleep also worsens dandruff, eczema and other skin diseases caused by inflammation. Moreover, a good night’s sleep helps your skin repair all the damage done during the day due to Sun exposure, pollution and other factors because sleep time is healing time for your body. This is why seven hours of sleep is called beauty sleep by celebrities.


Sleep is your system’s resetting time, and you need it for increased productivity, better mental and physical health and happier life. Set a sleep schedule and adhere to it to enjoy sound sleep benefits. Don’t stress yourself, and take that much-deserved nap now!

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