Facial pain, nasal blockages, pressure, tension and headaches are crucial symptoms that can manifest when you have sinus problems. Many people deal with such issues at some point in their lifetime, but if the symptoms become very severe or persistent, then what shall you do? How would you know it’s time for you to undergo sinus surgery? Many people have sinus issues, but it becomes difficult to understand whether the problem is severe enough for them to undergo surgery. 

If you’re having recurrent infections throughout the year, you should get it diagnosed to understand the condition’s cause. Then, the doctor will probably be able to say whether surgery will be best for you. Ignoring the infection may make it something severe. Hence, it would help if you didn’t miss the signs of sinusitis. Instead, it would help if you met a reliable ENT surgeon to find out the root cause of the problem.

Below are some signs that will help you understand that you need sinus surgery.

People with recurring infections

If you have chronic sinusitis, a symptom that goes beyond 12 weeks, and you are having recurring infections, then this time, you should consider taking sinus surgery. However, you should first meet any ENT doctor who might suggest specific nonsurgical treatment options, but if these treatments do not work and fail to provide relief, you can take up surgery.

People with nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are watery sacks that become swollen and are found in the lining of the nasal cavity. The issue with these polyps is that they can sometimes become so big that they can block the breathing passages. It can lead to the build-up of mucus and cause various allergic symptoms. In such a situation, your ENT doctor might suggest you go for sinus surgery so that they can remove the polyps, thereby clearing the nasal passage. You may visit https://drkhliment.com.sg/sinus-specialist-singapore-sinusitis-surgery-treatment for best suggestions.

People having fungal sinusitis

Bacteria usually cause most sinus infections, but you will be surprised to learn that some sinus infections are also due to fungus. Fungal infections have the same symptoms as viral and bacterial sinus infections. Nevertheless, symptoms can become more severe. People with severe sinus issues should go to an ENT doctor to determine whether it is fungal, viral, or bacterial. As such, chronic or invasive fungal sinusitis will require surgery.

 Breathing problems caused by deviated septum

A deviated septum can be a structural abnormality in your nose that might block both nostrils. In severe cases, people find it very difficult to breathe. The deviated septum might also affect the breathing patterns severely, and then surgery becomes mandatory. If you cannot breathe, it will make you feel restless, preventing your day-to-day activity.

It is advisable to visit an ENT to determine whether your allergy is severe enough for surgery or if you can treat it with nonsurgical options. It is a reputable specialist who can guide you in the best possible manner in the right direction.

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