Nowadays, every one of us wishes to look super cool, slim, and smart in the outfits that we wear. But if we are obese or overweight, dressing up beautifully will become a difficult task. So, if we want to look attractive, it’s important for every one of us to have the perfect physique, and that can be achieved if you have a balanced diet and if exercise is part of your regular routine. So if you want to get indulged in any type of workout, you just need to get appropriate clothes first, which must be sweat-wicking, breathable, and stretchable. Born tough workout clothes are comfortable and are available at an economical price.

When you start practicing HIIT workout on a daily basis, you can increase the blood flow in your body, along with that your lungs capacity also gets increased. The good thing about HIIT running is that it can be done at any time, anywhere where ever you want. The running coach that is co-founder of brunch says, “interval-style training is the key for runners.” HIIT workout is the best way of reducing weight, as most people can burn a lot of calories in just 20 minutes, then 45 minutes of cardio and strength training.

If you are running slow, that can boost up your metabolism but on the other hand, running fast is an effective approach to reducing fats.

In today’s blog post, I will discuss a few of the HIIT workouts that will increase your stamina, endurance and will help you to reduce weight, but keep in mind to perform warm-ups before getting started and after your running sessions must have some rest for muscle recovery.

Sprinting interval training workout

You can incorporate sprints into your running workout routine. Sprints help an athlete to increase power and stamina so that sprints during running should be of high intensity and are considered as a more energetic version of running.

Basic rules of sprinting

  1. Pull up your knees and make sure they are in a straight position.
  2. When you are speeding up, run by striking the ground directly underneath your hips.
  3. While you are running, don’t be loud; instead, run on the balls of the foot.

How long should you be sprinting for running?

When you are running at high intensity, your body is still able to burn calories even when it’s in the resting phase. If you are running for 30 minutes in a week, you must incorporate a 30 seconds sprint followed by 30 seconds of resting (for your muscle recovery).

Keep in mind that if you are an athlete, your workout clothes should be breathable and stretchable to aid comfort in your workout because suitable gym attire improves your overall performance. Born tough workout clothes are stylish and breathable.

Jumping rope before running

In order to reduce weight, you can practice rope jumping before running. According to research, you can jump the rope for five minutes before running. Also, you can burn 10 to 16 calories by jumping a rope for a minute. Rope jumping is a full-body workout that is beneficial in reducing weight and in burning calories.

Warm-ups with Jogging

Running is the best exercise to reduce weight, but if it’s incorporated with a jog or a brisk walk if you want to get better results. Get started with mild warm-ups like stretching or slight jogging. Incorporate your running with a brisk walk or jog for 30 seconds, or you can walk or jog slowly for 2 minutes. Afterwards, have some rest for another 30 seconds, continue for another 30 seconds of jogging or running. If you are a beginner, you could find HIIT running difficult in the first week, but don’t panic because you will get trained in your HIIT running workout after some time.

Some people are indoor people, and they love doing their workout at home. So they rely on treadmills. Beginners may harm themselves on treadmills because they can increase the speed, or they may step out from the treadmill. So if you are a beginner, you must try to handle it with care and keep the children away.

Running Hill Interval

Hill running is important if you want to reduce weight. Other than that, you can build and make your leg muscles stronger along with that, and it can also prevent muscles soreness. Studies have revealed that if a person is weighing around 150 pounds, then he/she can burn around 1000 calories if he/she is running uphill for an hour.

Running uphill helps you to burn lots of calories, and running upward is actually moving you against gravity. That means you are moving your body upward in order to keep yourself moving. It’s obvious that if you are running on the inclined surface, your body has to work harder. You tend to build lean muscles and can reduce weight because muscles are able to burn more calories than fats.

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