Your thyroid is, without a doubt, one of the most important glands in your body as far as your overall health is concerned. And iodine happens to be an essential mineral that is important for keeping your thyroid in great shape. And while there are numerous dietary sources of this important micronutrient, vegans and strict vegetarians may find it hard to access it considering that most of them are animal products. Luckily, here’s where supplementation comes in and Wellabs supplements are a classical example of dietary input intended to keep your iodine levels within a healthy threshold. Speaking of which, here’s a detailed and impartial review of these drops if you are in the market for this trace element.

Vegan-friendly Iodine Food Sources

The need for iodine drops shines brightly when you consider that there are very few vegan-friendly sources of the trace element. So, what foods have iodine vegan? It turns out that outside of relatively expensive and hard-to-obtain seaweed species (e.g kombu, wakame, nori, and kelp), there are very few other dependable vegan-friendly iodine dietary choices. And bearing in mind that this is a mineral that virtually controls metabolism and the seamless conversion of food taken into energy, a deficiency is not something you would want to court.

Why Should You Take Iodine Drops?

Most people typically question the need for incorporating an iodine supplement into their wellness and fitness regimen. For starters, iodine plays a vital role in the production of the thyroid hormone. For those who may not be aware, this is a hormone that plays a crucial part in the regulation of your metabolism, supporting your heart health, and overseeing optimum brain function. Apart from that, there are several other reasons why you should have iodine as part and parcel of your diet. This includes;

  • Reduces your risk of developing goiter: Having an enlarged thyroid gland i.e goiter is an unmistakable sign of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Scientists have long singled-out iodine deficiency as one of the unmistakable causes of goiter, which is why you need the best vegan iodine supplement especially if you eschew animal products in your eating regimen.
  • Brain development during pregnancy: Experts agree that expectant women should ramp up their iodine intake during pregnancy to encourage brain development in the growing baby. There’s even a review that illustrates how babies whose biological mothers suffered from an iodine deficiency were more likely to exhibit intellectual delays and a low IQ when they grew up.
  • Improved Cognitive Function: The same neurological benefits of taking iodine described above can extend to optimum brain function during early childhood and even later adulthood.
  • Lowers your risk of developing thyroid inflammation: Inflammation of the thyroid, mainly caused by a severe iodine deficiency, is usually the gateway to a number of chronic ailments such as fibrocystic breast disease and thyroid cancer.

How Wellabs Iodine Drops Work?

As identified earlier, iodide derived from iodine controls overall thyroid function. Specifically speaking, it decreases your gland’s response to TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). In other words, intake of iodine is essential for the synthesis of T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) hormones. Here is the thing, whenever you fail to get sufficient iodine, the production of hormones T3 and T4 described above usually dwindles. To compensate for this, your body will crank up the secretion of TSH in an effort to get ahead of this anomaly. Effectively, this overworks your thyroid gland which sooner or later leads to goiter or having an enlarged gland and a myriad of other serious chronic diseases. As you can see, the need for a regular and healthy intake of this trace element cannot be understated, really.

How Does Wellabs Iodine Drops Stand Out?

Granted, there are more than a few iodine supplements available on the market today. Nevertheless, Wellabs Iodine Drops stand out from the rest of the crowd as it offers raw organic assistance to correct deficiency problems. As such, it is ideal for people who are not getting enough iodine through their regular and conventional diet and who are looking for a vegan-friendly solution to meet their recommended daily intake values. Incorporating these drops into your nutritional supplementation plan helps sustain optimal energy levels, supports the health of your thyroid glands, and boosts overall immunity.

Here are some of the notable pros and cons of the supplement;


  • Tested and manufactured in the US, so you can be sure that it has passed some of the most rigorous qualitative and safety tests in the world
  • Gluten-free
  • Does not contain GMOs or their derivatives
  • Available for purchase at an attractive discount especially if you buy in bulk or via a subscription
  • The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for every successful purchase processed through their store.


  • Has pretty average taste according to some users
  • Although it is affordable, the discounts are mostly available through a subscription

In Closing

Given the importance of iodine supplementation, it pays to have access to affordable and well-balanced drops available at an attractive price when you purchase in bulk. Wellabs Iodine Drops checks all these drops and then some more. Having said that, it is imperative to consult with your primary caregiver or physician before starting an iodine supplementation plan to avert the risk of overconsuming this trace element.

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