Dog bites are a common nuisance in the U.S. Around 4.5 million people sustain dog bites annually, of which approximately 800,000 require medical attention. Such bites can lead to severe injuries and raise your medical expenses.

Moreover, dog bites often come by surprise, and it is nearly impossible to avoid the situation. With more dogs being adopted with time, being bitten by an inexperienced or irresponsible owner’s pet is common.

If a pet dog has bitten you, suing the owner for compensation for damages and treatment is your right. Hiring dog bite attorneys to file a personal injury case against the owner is the easiest way.

Injuries Resulting From A Dog Bite

A dog bite can result in various kinds of injuries. The most common ones include:

1.   Puncture Wounds

Most dog bites result in a puncture wound, wherein the canine’s teeth penetrate the victim’s skin and cause tearing. While puncture wounds are seen as superficial, small holes in the skin, they run deep and increase the risk of infection.

This infection could be caused by germs on your skin that can now access your internal body or the germs in the dog’s mouth. Therefore, immediately cleaning and treating these wounds is vital to preventing infection.

2.   Scarring

Even if the dog bite could not penetrate your skin, it likely left a scar. Often, these scars can be permanent, primarily when they occur on sensitive areas such as the face.

While this type of injury doesn’t require any intensive medical treatment, having a visible scar can cause social embarrassment for the victim.

3.   Cuts

When a dog bites you, it is plausible for you to panic and move. Sometimes, this can result in its teeth dragging across your skin, resulting in a deep cut instead of a puncture wound.

This can cause a lot of discomfort, increase the chances of infection, and often require stitches to close the laceration or incision.

4.   Bone Fracture

If a dog of considerable size attacks you, chances are you will be pushed to the ground. The speed and impact of the dog’s body can cause severe injuries, including broken bones.

A fracture can also happen due to a dog’s strong jaw clamping on the hand or leg. In the worst-case scenario, your bone could also completely shatter. Again, this requires expensive medical attention and alters your quality of life for an extended period.

5.   Infections

Dog bites carry a high risk of infection, no matter how deeply the bite has pierced the skin. Since they carry a variety of germs that the human body is not immune to, any dog bite can carry disease-causing germs into your bloodstream.

If the bite is superficial, your skin may become red and swollen due to infection. However, if the bite runs deep, your organs may be affected. The most fatal infection risk from a dog bite is rabies.

6.   Nerve Damage

When a dog attacks you with full force, the bite often cuts deep into the skin and has a high chance of damaging your nerves. More often than not, nerve damage is permanent and can have effects such as loss of feeling or mobility.

7.   Emotional Trauma

Any injuries mentioned above can alter your quality of life and cause emotional distress. Moreover, the sheer act of being attacked by a dog can create a fear of the animal or even cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

This can cause problems around dogs and create a fear of stepping into neighborhoods where you know that dogs exist.


Dog bites are never a one-day experience and often carry trauma for a long time. Whether you have a superficial cut or a deep-running wound, you must get medical attention to prevent fatal infections.

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