Important Women’s Preventive Health Care Tips
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Men and women have different needs. Women often tend to postpone their regular checkups to see if their bodies are in peak condition. Such delays could lead to more serious issues or preventable health issues emerging. That is why it is highly recommended that every woman goes for annual health exams. Such exams should include regular visits to gynecologists, as well as examining the overall physical health. So, let’s see how important it is for a woman to invest a bit more time and effort into preventive health care. 

Regular Pap Smears

Making an appointment for a routine Pap smear every year is necessary. A pap smear test is recommended by every gynecologist in America, no matter in which state you live. Such tests are there to check the health of your pelvis and to detect if there are any issues, such as cervical cancer. If the test comes back abnormal, your doctor will do further testing to see if there is something to worry about. A Pap smear can catch any issues early on if you regularly go for those exams. 

Making Sure There are no STDs

If you are sexually active, an annual examination is a great idea, and it should include testing to STDs. Some STDs can be deadly and none of them bring any benefits to your health. It is important to stay informed and educated on STD & STI information to protect yourself and your partner. You can easily make an appointment at your local clinic, and all gynecologists recommend these tests. Additionally, in Florida for example, you can schedule such exams and consultations for practicing safe sex and planned parenthood by looking into Women’s Health services in Tamarc, FL. Such services are available nationwide, so make sure to regularly book appointments. 

Get Help for Menopause

There are almost no rules on when a woman is going to enter menopause. Even though this mostly happens when women reach the age of 50, some do go through it earlier or even later. However, no matter when it occurs, going through menopause without some help can be stressful and hard. That’s why you should not postpone those annual checkups since the doctor can help you fight those pesky symptoms. Hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, anxiety… all that can be highly exhausting and you can seek help. There are great treatment options for all women that can easily help you get back to your life.

General Health Screening

Besides your reproductive health, you should pay attention to your general health, too. By scheduling visits regularly, you can always update your medical history, assess risks for certain diseases, and discuss a healthy lifestyle with your doctor. 

Some of the tests and screenings you should include blood tests, testing your hormones, physical examination of your skin, and posture, checking your thyroid, blood pressure checkups, and EKG. The results of all of these tests can tell you a lot about your health. You want your cholesterol levels, heart rate, and blood pressure to be normal in order to minimize the risks of heart disease. Also, you want to know if your thyroid is working properly because a lot of women suffer from thyroid issues and dysfunctions. 

Lastly, your doctor may inform you on how you can better your life if some of the tests are not as great. They can provide advice on a healthier diet, physical activity, less alcohol, or even advise you on some supplements. 

Breast Health

Last but not least, you should make sure to check the health of your breasts at least once a year. Self-examinations are always welcome and if you feel something odd, you should consult with your doctor, no matter the age. Also, mammograms are recommended for women aged 50 to 74 years and they should do them every year. However, you can even start mammograms earlier, it is a personal choice, and you should definitely consult with your doctor if you have any concerns or a history of breast cancer in your family. 

Daily obligations are vast – taking care of the family, house, going to work and all in between – often make women postpone their health exams. This is a bad habit that many women have, but it is essential for every woman out there to understand the importance of preventive health care. Regular visits to your doctor and gynecologists are simply a must for a woman to be sure her body is in peak condition. This is especially important if you do have a history of disease in your family. So, be smart, stay diligent and your body will be grateful to you.

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