How You Can Use Mushroom Powder

There are more ways to use mushroom powder than you might think. This supplement has been around for a while, but it has really taken off in recent years. Users employ all sorts of mushroom species in powder form to improve their health, but some newcomers to the world of functional mushrooms don’t know what to do with them.

This guide explores some of the best ways to use mushroom powder. But first, what does mushroom powder actually do?

What Is Mushroom Powder Used for?

In general, mushroom powder is used as a health supplement. Functional mushrooms – including turkey tail, maitake, lion’s mane, and chaga – can be great for physical health. However, many of these species don’t taste great.

Many mushrooms have an umami flavor, the same kind found in steak, fish, cheese, and meats. However, many functional species have a bitter and earthy taste, which makes consuming them for health purposes rather unpleasant.

What’s more, people who want to take mushrooms for their health probably don’t want to cook the same mushroom species every single day. It could get a little dull!

That’s where mushroom powder comes in.

The exact purpose of mushroom powder depends on the species or blend. This lion’s mane powder from VidaCap, for example, imparts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds while also providing specific benefits from lion’s mane.

Lion’s mane mushrooms may help those with mood disorders like anxiety, and they are also said to be helpful in brain health. Meanwhile, a species like cordyceps could help with energy.

What Does Mushroom Powder Taste Like?

The exact taste of mushroom powder can vary. Generally, it will have a savory flavor that’s quite earthy.

The benefit of mushroom powder is that the user consumes minimal quantities. As a result, it becomes effortless to disguise the mushroom-y flavor by working the powder into other things.

In many cases, it’s possible to take mushroom powder supplements without even tasting them at all.

How to Use Mushroom Powder

How to Use Mushroom Powder

There are multiple methods of using mushroom powder, the most common being to add it to drinks. If you need a bit of inspiration, here are some other ways to use it.

1. Dissolve It in Drinks

The umami quality of many mushroom powders makes them rather pleasant in hot drinks. Chaga mushrooms were once used as a coffee alternative in Finland during World War II, and this practice is still continued by some people today. Alternatively, options like lion’s mane can be whisked into a frothy latte with ease.

Some people prefer to blend their mushroom powders into smoothies. As long as a lot of mixing is done, you’re unlikely to notice the mushroom’s flavors or the texture of the powder.

2. Soups and Broths

Mushroom soup is a delicacy, and it’s easy to enhance the health-boosting properties by adding mushroom powder to the mix. Simply add around one teaspoon of mushroom powder per cup of broth.

It doesn’t have to be a mushroom soup, either; feel free to add the powder to any vegetable blend.

3. Make It Crispy

If you’re using breadcrumbs, mix a little mushroom powder in there. Simply measure out the desired amount of panko breadcrumbs, then add a couple of scoops of mushroom powder, depending on your desired dose.

Scatter your mushroom-infused breadcrumbs on mac and cheese, or use them to make breaded fish filets and even a katsu curry.

4. Sprinkle It

Quite simply, you can sprinkle mushroom powder on anything you want. It works on top of your eggs (poached or scrambled), dusted over savory pancakes, and more.

The possibilities here are endless, so keep a tub of mushroom powder next to the salt and pepper for when you need it.

5. Make a Marinade or Rub

Combine mushroom powder with some salt, pepper, and a blend of spices to make a nice rub. Use it on steak, fish, or chicken to imbue them with extra flavor and add some of those functional benefits.

For methods like this, choosing a species that tastes good is recommended. Lion’s mane, for example, has a fantastic flavor that goes well with meat and fish.

Final Thoughts: How to Use Mushroom Powder

When using a supplement, consistency is essential in order to see the desired effects. Therefore, it’s vital to find a way of using it that suits you and your lifestyle. For some people, a quick morning smoothie containing mushroom powder is a really straightforward and memorable way to work mushrooms into their routine.

Hopefully, one of the methods in this guide will work for you. If not, consider making capsules with your mushroom powder, or buy capsules online from a reputable brand.

For many mushroom supplement users, powders are the preferred method of choice because their versatility makes mushrooms something to get excited about.

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