How to Start Exercising and How to Stick with It

The new year is right around the corner, which is typically a time where we focus on our fitness. Why not get a head start today? After all, it takes time to build up a habit of daily exercise. If you need a little help getting started and sticking with it, here are some tips for a new exercise routine:

Invest in a gym

Something that can help you invest time into exercise is investing money into where you get it. A gym membership can cost anywhere from $10.00 a month to $350.00 or more. It’s best to join an affordable gym at the beginning, so you can be sure it’s something you enjoy and want to do.

Be aware that some gyms have a contract with a timeframe you have to commit to. However, this may be beneficial for you if it makes you get to the gym on a weekly basis and stick to it.

Get your active gear

Whether you buy walking shoes for men or new activewear that makes you look good, investing money into active gear can help you get out there as well. Any time money is spent on your fitness, it’s hard to ignore it in your life. It could look like running gear to get you out there every morning or new weightlifting shoes to get you in the gym every evening.

Find an accountability partner

Whether it’s a spouse or a best friend, an accountability partner can help you stick to your guns because they’re there to do it with you. Maybe they can’t make it in person, but if you have a friend or loved one calling to wake you up early every day, that may be all that you need to get out there. You start out not wanting to disappoint them and end up not disappointing yourself. You can also consider hiring a personal trainer. Not only will a personal trainer help you know what to do, but they will also be there as a support along the way.

Find an accountability partner

Do something you love

It may be kickboxing classes or getting on a bike in the mountains. Whatever gets you moving, start off with that. While you may hear that weightlifting is best for weight loss, start off small by doing something you look forward to. Once you start building a habit of daily exercise, it will be easier to get going on any routine.

Schedule well

Whether it’s the morning or evening, schedule a space in your day for exercise. It may not be easy at first to make it, but as you push yourself every day to get exercise in your allotted time, it will start to become a habit. Think about the time that would work best for you. For some people, this could be in the morning before the day starts.

You may not look forward to it, but you love the way it helps you get your day started on the right foot. Or, for some, this could be a time right after work, where you sweat out all your stress. Either way, include daily exercise in your schedule.

In Conclusion

Getting started with an exercise routine can be daunting, especially if you’ve been out of it for a minute. But, it can be rewarding to get going again, even if it means dealing with the uncomfortable aspect of training your body to enjoy the exertion.

Exercise is beneficial for us in many ways, so it’s important to make time for it in our busy lives. From joining a gym to investing in some quality activewear, you can “trick” your mind into looking forward to it, even if it’s the hardest thing you have had to do. You’ll be glad you did.

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