How To Prepare Yourself For A Nose Job

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is among the most common cosmetic surgeries globally. This procedure involves reconstructing or altering the nose’s shape or size. In America, some people may consider having rhinoplasty done for medical reasons. For instance, this procedure could help correct structural abnormalities caused by an injury or treat nasal inflammation.

Meanwhile, others will undergo rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes. For example, they may consider this procedure to make their noses smaller or larger or narrow the width or bridge of their nostrils. Many people decide to get nose jobs because they were the victims of an accident that severely injured their nose. This might be as a result of a broken nose or other facial wounds. Non Surgical nose job in Beverly Hills provides you with a highly skilled surgeon, who can remodel your nose with safe and injury-less surgery.

What Should You Do Before A Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty could help improve your breathing and appearance. Due to the procedure’s popularity, unqualified individuals may be performing nose jobs cheaply in many regions outside states like Texas and the like. However, it’d be best to avoid these people because a botched nose job could cause severe injuries, disfigurement, or infections. Aside from that, you could be left with a look you didn’t want.

To avoid the adverse effects mentioned above, you must ensure that a professional does your procedure. If you’re, for instance, looking for a Houston rhinoplasty expert, conduct an online search to find the best doctor around your location. Alternatively, ask a trusted relative or friend to refer an excellent specialist to you.

Rhinoplasty Preparation

Upon finding a good doctor for your nose job, you have to sufficiently prepare yourself for your procedure. Doing so could increase the chances of surgery success and ensure your recovery time doesn’t take longer than it should. Some of the things you should do before your nose job are:

  1. Go For A Consultation First 

A pre-operation visit to your doctor is essential because it helps establish if you’re a fit candidate for rhinoplasty. The surgeon will ask about your health, medical history, and the prescription drugs you may be taking. 

Besides that, they might also conduct a physical exam that may involve checking your nasal valves, skin thickness, and usual way of breathing. A good rhinologist will carry out such examinations to develop the most suitable surgical plan for you. 

During your consultation, it’s best to ask any question you might have in mind. Some of the things you could inquire about from the specialist are:

  • How long they’ve been doing rhinoplasty procedures;
  • How long your surgery could take;
  • What are the expected side effects; and
  • Estimated post-operation recovery time.

It’s good to ask as many questions as possible during your first consultation. This way, you’ll make preparations with the correct information at hand.

  1. Plan For Transportation 

After your surgery, you’ll most likely have bandages on your nose and could be sleepy from the medication you may have received. Hence, it’s best to prepare for transportation before your procedure. One option to consider is having a loved one drive to and from the rhinologist’s facility. 

  1. Prepare For Your Recovery

It could take you one or two weeks to get back to your usual routine after having a nose job. You may experience expected side effects like minor pain, bleeding, swelling, or bruising. Therefore, it’s best to plan for this time beforehand to ensure a smooth recovery. 

Ask your surgeon what medicines you’ll be needing. Buy the recommended drugs before your procedure and ensure you have enough for the first one or two weeks. 

After that, prepare a recovery room. Ensure the place is clean and has sanitary products, healthy snacks, and comfortable clothes that won’t hurt your operated nose when wearing them present. If you’ve got pets or children, look for a caregiver before your procedure. 

  1. Don’t Smoke Or Take Alcohol

If you smoke or take alcohol, ask your rhinologist when you should stop taking these substances before your procedure. Cigarettes could narrow your blood vessels, disrupting blood flow. This way, oxygen and essential nutrients that may help you heal won’t reach your nose. As a result, you might not recover properly or could take longer to get better. 

On the other hand, alcohol could be risky for it might disrupt your surgery and recovery. Case in point, the drink could thin your blood by making it hard for blood cells to stick together. As a result, this might cause excessive bleeding during your nose job.

After your procedure, blood clotting is necessary. By making your blood thinner, alcohol could slow down or prevent clotting. It means that it might be challenging for the operation site to close. As a result, this could raise the risk of your nose getting infected, which might prolong healing.

  1. Eat More Fiber

A complication you may face after your nose job is constipation. The anesthesia used in your procedure might cause this side effect because your intestinal tract muscles were paralyzed during surgery. This means that your intestines might not be able to push what you eat for a while after your procedure. Other causes of constipation after your nose job may be a lack of mobility and some prescribed medications.

It, henceforth, may be advisable to start eating more food rich in fiber days before your nose job. These are whole grains like oatmeal, fruits such as watermelon, vegetables like boiled spinach, and liquids such as drinks from celery. This way, your body will have some roughage in-store to soften your stool a few hours after your surgery, allowing for much-efficient waste excretion.


If you’re about to get a nose job done for medical or beauty reasons, this feature offers a number of steps to prepare for the procedure. Consider implementing the measures provided as they could help ensure your surgery goes smoothly and that you recover quickly and properly. If you’ve got any concerns about the procedure, ensure you get clarification from your rhinologist right before your surgery date. 



  1. This blog post is very helpful for anyone considering getting this done. A lot of research and thought needs to go into selecting the right surgeon and setting realistic expectations for what the surgery can achieve. I like that you put a lot of emphasis on finding a board-certified and experienced surgeon and that you say to look at before and after photos to make sure the results look like what you want. Also, it helps to have a reminder to follow the surgeon’s pre-op instructions to make sure the surgery and recovery go well. Overall, this blog post is full of helpful tips and information about getting ready for a nose job, and I recommend it to anyone thinking about getting one.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post on preparing for a nose job. I’m glad you found the information helpful and informative.

      If you’re thinking about getting rhinoplasty, it’s important to do your research on surgeons and have realistic expectations about what the surgery can do.

      I appreciate your kind words about how important it is to find a board-certified and experienced surgeon and look at before and after photos to make sure their aesthetic matches the patient’s goals.

      Following the surgeon’s pre-op instructions is also essential to ensure a successful surgery and recovery. Thanks again for your comment and for sharing your thoughts on my blog post.

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