Whether you are in the gym, at the badminton court, or at a wedding ceremony, profuse sweating can turn out to be a serious disgust. This is something that can easily turn all your joy sour. While antiperspirants are easily available on the market, they can pose health risks because of the chemicals present in them. So, does it mean you have to make peace with your sweat-drenched shirt clinging to your body? Not at all! These amazing natural remedies below that tell you how to stop excessive sweating are a “wow” alternative to try out.

How to Stop Excessive Sweating

1. Apple cider vinegar

Not just apple cider vinegar; all kinds of vinegar treat excessive sweating effectively. People suffering from this problem can drink a concoction of apple cider vinegar or apply it directly to heavy sweating areas every night. The results obtained are effective and fast. If you have this variety of vinegar in your kitchen pantry, you won’t have to wonder anymore about how to stop excessive sweating all over body naturally.

2. Drinking tomato juice

No doubt, tomatoes have amazing cancer-fighting properties. But did you know they are also amazing antiperspirants? Yes, they are effective in tightening skin pores and can offer much-needed relief from excessive sweat. Although drinking tomato juice is the easiest way out, you can include it in your curries and salads if the idea of juicing tomatoes doesn’t impress you much. So, now you know how to stop excessive sweating in a delicious way!

3. Black and Green tea

So, we are asking you to sip on hot black or green tea. It sounds counterintuitive, considering the fact that hot drinks make you sweat. Understand that it’s a short-term effect. In the long run, black and green tea treat sweating problems effectively. Green tea, with its magnesium and vitamin D content, helps decrease sweating by constricting skin pores. Now, isn’t that a reviving remedy for how to stop excessive sweating?

4. Baking soda and cornstarch

Both of these ingredients have water-absorbing properties. Baking soda is basic in nature, by virtue of which it is able to fight bacteria in your sweat, which usually proliferate in an acidic environment. And that is probably the reason why many deodorants use baking soda in their formulas. Apply the mixture of the two to your underarms or other heavy seating areas every night, and leave for thirty minutes. Make sure you don’t exceed the time limit or apply the mixture to wet skin.

5. Drinking wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass is an amazing detoxifier. And because it is also rich in vitamins C, A, B6, B12, and folic acid, it also acts as an amazing antiperspirant. Wheatgrass is especially effective for people who have body odor. Drink a tablespoon of this therapeutic juice daily and achieve great results. Wheatgrass acts by detoxifying your blood in an effective manner.

6. Potatoes

Love potatoes? Why not have them for their dual benefits of tickling your taste buds and reducing perspiration? Yes, potatoes, by virtue of their high potassium content, help prevent heavy sweating. Eating potassium rich foods causes your body to retain more water. As a result, sweat doesn’t leave your body in an insane amount. If, however, you don’t like eating potatoes, you can rub their slices on areas that are prone to sweating.

7. Lemons

Lemons are acidic in nature, which makes them a popular anti-sweat agent. You can drink lemon juice or rub it thoroughly on the affected areas. Leave it on for thirty minutes, then wash the remains off. A simple yet effective way to ward off sweat problems!

Excessive Sweating: Natural Treatments

Here are some natural ways to stop excessive sweating all over the body, underarms, and face, as well as some foods and supplements that can help reduce sweat:

How to stop excessive sweating all over your body naturally:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating foods with a high water content.
  • Apply a natural astringent to your face or scalp, such as tea tree oil, witch hazel, vinegar, or black and green tea.
  • Incorporate water-dense fruits and vegetables into your diet, such as apples, grapes, watermelon, celery, eggplant, and spinach.
  • Consider natural remedies such as herbs (St. John’s Wort, Sage, castoreum, and argentum), biofeedback, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques.

How to stop sweating armpits naturally: Excessive underarm sweating is uncomfortable, but there are various home and medical remedies to prevent it.

  • Use topical antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate.
  • Apply plain, unscented face powder to help absorb moisture.
  • Incorporate calcium-rich foods like low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt into your diet.

How to stop sweating on your face naturally:

  • Use plain, unscented face powder to help absorb moisture.
  • Apply a natural astringent to your face, such as tea tree oil, witch hazel, vinegar, or black and green tea.
  • Incorporate water-dense fruits and vegetables into your diet, such as apples, grapes, watermelon, celery, eggplant, and spinach.

How to stop underarm sweating permanently:

  • Consider medical procedures like Botox injections or surgery to stop excessive underarm sweating.

Foods that reduce sweat:

  • Water.
  • Water-dense fruits and vegetables.
  • Calcium-rich foods like low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Supplements to stop sweating:

  • There are no specific supplements that have been proven to stop sweating, but incorporating certain herbs into your diet, such as St John’s Wort, Sage, castoreum, and argentums, may help reduce sweating.

It’s important to note that excessive sweating may be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, so it’s always best to consult with a doctor before trying any natural remedies or supplements.

With all these amazing natural remedies for excessive sweating at your disposal, should you be scared of heat anymore? Well, we think not!

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