Explore the process of “How To Make Cannabis Vape Juice?” Our guide illustrates the steps to prepare THC vape juice at home. It ensures you achieve the perfect blend of potency and flavor.

Picking the best vape juice as per your taste is not that easy. There are several brands selling vape juice. But not all matches your taste and fulfill desire. Some may taste like candy or fruit, which may not be to everyone’s taste. Some juices make your mouth feel dry and some are sticky.

The latest method to smoke is via a vape. There will always be traditional smokers who won’t switch from their hand-rolled joints. Because vaping is more effective and healthy, younger generations choose to use it. Do you want to know how to make juice at home? You can find your answers here.

We will discuss the specifics of vaping juice and its potent effects. You’ll discover the advantages of creating your own DIY vape juice.

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Making THC Vape Juice at Home

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To make cannabis vape juice, there are several methods available.

One of the easiest ways is through long-term steeping or extraction, which takes around three months to create. This method requires decarboxylation of the chosen strain and mixing it with a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

The steps include grinding the buds, spreading them on a baking sheet, decarboxylating them, and preparing the PG/VG solution.

Other methods include using wax, rosin, or bud. The finished product can be injected into a vape cartridge and enjoyed.

It is important to note that the potency of THC varies depending on the strain and quality of cannabis used, so it’s crucial to be able to adjust how much THC you want. 

What Is Cannabis Vape Juice?

Cannabis vape juice refers to the type of cannabis extract used in producing vapor. There is use of Cannabis flowers to make the THC vape juice. In making juice, the two active components are used that are THC and CBD.

THC vape juice is most frequently used by inhaling it as vapor. A vapor can be inhaled either through a cigarette or vaporizer. The liquid is heated in both devices, turning it into a gas that you inhale through your lips and nose.

Benefits Of Making Juice On Your Own

Control The THC Content Is In Your Hands

When it comes to making THC vape juice, controlling the THC content is necessary. It’s critical to have the ability to control how much THC you want. Because the potency of THC varies based on the strain and quality of cannabis utilized.

You Can Add Favorite Flavors

You have complete control over the ingredients you want to add. That means only the necessities—no artificial tastes or colors. You can adjust the potency of the product if you want to discover a different method to unwind.

You Know What Exactly Going Into

Making your own DIY THC vape juice allows you to control the ingredients. You can control the quality of the marijuana if you produce your own cannabis seeds. Making THC vape juice at home is entertaining as well.

How To Make THC Vape Juice? Long-term Steeping

Vape pen with clear cannabis oil cartridge on reflective surface with warm bokeh lights.

This procedure is simple, but it takes around three months to produce the juice. Start by grinding your marijuana until it has a coarse texture. To distribute the ground buds, you can make use of a baking sheet or oven safe container. Make your PG/VG solution as you decarboxylate your buds.

Having a healthy mix of PG and VG makes sense. Knowing how PG and VG impact your vape juice is vital. While VG thickens the juice and evaporates, PG enhances the flavor.

Stir the mixture, then put the jar somewhere cool and dark to steep for three months. To guarantee a uniform dispersion of the solution and buds, stir the solution every two weeks. Add more PG/VG solutions if the buds are visible above the solution.

Give your solution one last stir after three months, then get ready to strain it. Squeeze the juice into the container using the cheesecloth as a filter. You can put the juice in your syringe and vape it when you’ve finished extracting it.

Fast-track Infusion

There is no big difference between this approach and steeping. It cuts the lengthy waiting period. After completing the previous processes, immerse the buds in the PG/VG solution.

After drenching the ground marijuana in the PG/VG solution, fill the double boiler with water. Once done, start heating it to a temperature of 220°f.

Put your PG/VG bud solution in the double boiler after it reaches 220 degrees and allow it to heat to 180 degrees. Keep up with the heating for about 1 hour. If you want strong vape juice, consider extending the time. As per your needs, go with adding combined PG and VG.

Rosin Extraction Method

It is the easiest one when it comes to producing THC vape juice. The benefit of employing a rosin press over other methods is that it warms the substance.

Take out the Pyrex glass and start combining one part of the rosin with the wax liquidizer. When the rosin is hot enough, combine it with a wax liquidizer by heating it with a lighter or a pot of boiling water.

After combining these two ingredients, your e-liquid is ready for vaping. Further, just transfer the mixture into a bottle or cartridge with the help of a syringe.


A wonderful way to cut costs is to make your own THC vape juice. It’s possible that you won’t get the ideal mixture the first time, but practice makes perfect. This blog is the best reference while you experiment with various flavors to see how they affect the vape juice.

It’s easy to make vape juice in the comforts of your home if you have the essentials with you. Make sure not to overfill your cartridges because doing so could result in a malfunction. Visit the website for more info about best-selling cartridge filling equipment.

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