People who have, fortunately, never experienced depression, either intermittently throughout their lifetime or else as a permanent reminder that they need to fight against themselves to be able to do anything, often fail to understand the illness and even tend to be more than a little dismissive.

However, if you yourself have either recently, or many years previously, been diagnosed with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), then anything to soothe and reduce the symptoms and to therefore make life easier, is always gratefully received.

Here are tips and tricks to help you in your fight against depression and its symptoms.

Write Down Tasks After You Complete Them

First and foremost, even people who are not living with depression find a long to-do list to be more than a little daunting, and if you do have MDD, then you are even less likely to be able to motivate yourself to be productive.

So, instead of writing a list, when you wake up in the morning, assess the situation, how you feel, and whether there is anything absolutely imperative you need to be doing throughout the day. Once you have completed a task, be that something as simple as feeling the sun on your face with a morning coffee or sending your tax return, write down what you have done, rather than what you should do.

Practice Deep-Breathing

Another tried and tested way of at least slightly reducing the signs and symptoms of depression is connected to meditation, specifically in the form of deep breathing exercises.

Perhaps you used to practice yoga or Pilates, or else you have always wanted to be more at peace with yourself and the world around you (a common longing for people who are depressed), and such a simple act as deep breathing while sitting on the grass for a couple of minutes may well bring you a sense of calm.

Look Into Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is said to have myriad positive effects on a wide variety of symptoms caused by different medical issues and is one of the latest treatments to be recognized as effective in many people’s cases.

The monitored and prescribed intake of medical cannabis is reported to help ease the experience of the following:

  • Neurological conditions such as RLS, attention deficit disorder and epilepsy
  • Psychiatric conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression
  • Gastrological conditions such as IBS and constipation

Spend Time with Animals

If you asked the average person who is living with and fighting against depression how they find ways of recharging, the majority are likely to mention spending time with their pets.

The ethereal bond between animals and humans is one of the most beautiful natural elements of them all and what is more, if you are considering bringing animals into your home, a pair of peaceful yet entertaining bunny rabbits are the perfect companions.

For those who do not have a pet, booking a ticket to visit the local farm or zoo for the day can also provide that same socialization with animals.

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