Starting a Health Reset That You Can Stick To
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Have you ever wished you could push a “reset” button on your health?

Well, there’s good news. You can. No button necessary.

A health reset is a matter of commitment, rather than some kind of magic button that will flip everything around. When you choose to take charge of your well-being and form healthy everyday habits, you can reset your body and change the way you feel.

Whether you want to change your health habits after a difficult chapter in your life, or you’re just ready to start seeing changes in how you look and feel, there’s no better time to get back on your feet and make healthier choices.

Let’s cover a few effective ways you can do a health reset quickly by practicing things that can easily become daily habits. When you choose to change your habits, rather than look for a quick fix, you’re more likely to stick with those changes for a lifetime.

Taking Stock of What You Eat and How You Move

One of the first things you should consider changing up if you want to start with a clean slate is your diet. You don’t need to go on any kind of fad diet or deprive yourself of the things you love. But, educating yourself about nutrition and how certain foods fuel your body will make a big difference in what you actually want to eat.

There are several types of nutrients you should be focused on getting each day, including:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Lipids
  • Fiber

The best place to get the majority of your nutrients is from the food you eat. Things like shakes and supplements can help, if you aren’t able to do that. When you start to make sure you’re feeding your body with the right kind of fuel, you’ll feel more energetic, your mood will improve, and you can lower your risk of certain health conditions.

Just as important as fueling yourself properly is using that fuel to move. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average adult should get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

The benefits of daily exercise, even if it’s nothing more than walking around the neighborhood, are nearly endless. You’ll boost your mood, have more energy, strengthen your heart and muscles, lower your risk of illnesses, and give your immune system a boost.

Eating right and exercising are two things you can do right now to start resetting your body and taking charge of your health, so don’t let excuses keep you from getting started.

Establishing Healthy Routines

While most people understand that young children thrive on routine, adults still need it, too. Establishing daily routines in your life can make a big difference to both your physical and mental health.

For example, creating a sleep routine to ensure you get enough rest each night will provide your body with the rest it needs to repair itself while giving your mental health a boost.

Your health routine(s) should also include regular medical exams and check-ups with your doctors and dentist. Something like a dental deep cleaning should happen at least once a year. It may seem like a small thing. But, because oral health is linked to so many other issues, it can end up being a big deal.

Routines will reduce your stress levels, help you to focus and stay motivated, and make you feel more in control. Consider some routines you might already have without even realizing it. What can you do to make them more efficient and beneficial?

Getting the Support You Need

Did you know that 43% of people tend to give up their New Year’s resolutions by February? Many of those resolutions have to do with diet, exercise, and creating healthier habits.

There are plenty of reasons people aren’t able to make those resolutions into habits, including:

  • Their goals are too big
  • Their expectations are too high
  • They don’t have experience in what they’re doing
  • They aren’t seeing results fast enough

While you don’t need to wait until the new year to change your habits, it’s important to start recognizing some of these potential problems now. Set smaller goals for yourself and keep your expectations realistic. It’s also helpful to find the right support system that will help you stick to your health reset.

That can come in the form of family members, friends, or even a workout buddy. Having someone hold you accountable for the changes you want will make it harder to “fall back” on your goals. You might also want to consider hiring a personal trainer, especially if you have a hard time motivating yourself to work out. Not only will a trainer push you and hold you accountable, but they’ll guide you through different exercises so you know how to do everything properly.

The best bodyweight exercise is the one you actually do. This is a resource to make your plan of action easier.

Wearable technology is another great way to feel supported throughout your health reset. Smartwatches and fitness trackers can be incredibly motivational tools. They’ll break down your personal data each day so you can see results in real-time. As a bonus, if you have an underlying health condition, some healthcare wearables can monitor that condition and even send information to your doctor.

There’s never a “wrong” reason to want to get healthier. Let today be the day you hit “reset” on your health and wellness, use these tips to create better habits, and enjoy the next chapter in your wellness journey.

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