how do hgh supplements work

It’s a common question. With hundreds of supplements on the market in an effort to capitalize on the increasing popularity of human growth hormone (HGH), it’s confusing to know what works and what doesn’t.

The short answer to this question is NO. HGH supplements are marginally effective at best. They seek to stimulate the production of growth hormone in the body. They don’t supply bioavailable HGH.

Unfortunately, some people consume dangerously high doses of HGH supplements in an effort to improve their deficiency or insufficiency of plasma levels of HGH. Sadly, taking any amount of HGH supplements is unlikely to improve or restore the user’s HGH plasma levels.

HGH Decline with Age

What’s all the fuss about? HGH is known to maintain, repair, and build healthy tissue in the organs and brain. It can assist the healing process after an injury. It can also repair the muscles after exercise.

Researchers know that GH levels decline with age. It’s possible to restore youthful HGH levels. Avoid supplements that don’t work.

Do HGH Supplements Really Work?

SeroVital HGH Supplement

Supplements can’t increase your GH levels. Researches revealed that SeroVital doesn’t work for patients’ growth hormone deficiency and the increase in GH levels from SeroVital supplementation will not last more than 2-3 hours.

GH supplements are designed to correct an existing inadequate plasma level of GH. Oral delivery of HGH doesn’t work.

A variety of delivery systems are used to deliver HGH supplements in the body, including:

HGH Gels

HGH gels are applied to the patient’s outer layer of skin.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers studied topical HGH solutions (15 percent HGH) and found that patients experienced higher HGH blood concentrations as a result. However, they couldn’t accurately assess how to maintain these higher levels. More study is needed to confirm the efficacy of this delivery method.

Oral Supplements (Pills and Capsules)

In another study, NIH scientists used oral supplements. It was determined that the HGH-stimulating dose was sufficient to increase the participants’ (“healthy adults”) HGH levels. The report includes a “Conflict of Interest” statement: One of the researchers is a consultant who receives compensation paid by commercial distributors of supplements.

Oral supplements must pass through the patient’s digestive process. It may be a challenge to titrate how much, if any, of the treatment stimulated GH production.


Powders are another way to deliver supplements to the body but the same analysis (above) concerning HGH oral supplements applies to powders. 

More research is needed to create innovative oral formulas that are unaffected by the human digestive process. Until drug producers create these treatments, consumers should be wary of orally delivered HGH products. Just say no to these supplements.

Injectable HGH

HGH injections directly infuse the body with growth hormone. HGH goes directly to the bloodstream and bypasses the digestive system.

Simply put, injectable HGH is clinically shown to safely elevate HGH plasma levels when patients’ blood levels of GH are either deficient or insufficient in otherwise healthy people.

How Effective Are HGH Supplements? 

Many people have good reasons for maintaining a healthy skepticism about some hormone replacement therapies. HRT is still a relatively new field of medicine. 

There’s still much to learn about the best way to deliver hormone supplements, which people are good HRT candidates, and the long-term effectiveness of these treatments to restore healthy hormone levels.

For many reasons, including the complex interactivity between the human immune, nervous, hormone, and endocrine systems, predictions about how the individual will uniquely respond to HGH treatment are difficult. Discuss your individual risk analysis with a physician.

The human endocrine system, in its interface with the immune and nervous systems, is complex. It regulates a host of biological activities at the cellular level. Medical researchers have just begun to understand the endocrine system’s “signaling web.” Restoring certain hormones to their optimal levels may have important implications in the advancement of human longevity studies.

Despite researchers’ current knowledge gaps, science knows quite a lot about growth hormone supplementation and why/how it works. 

How HGH Supplements Affect Individuals

Most people receiving injectable therapy are healthy adults with an easily correctible HGH deficiency. In this group of people, HGH supplementation is effective in restoring growth hormone concentrations to ideal levels. Again, it’s important to engage your doctor in a discussion about personal risk-reward ratios.

Research shows that the individual’s capacity to safely benefit from HGH supplementation relies on their individual health status and markers. Before deciding to use HGH supplements or any hormonal treatment, discuss your questions with the doctor.

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