A complete guide on HGH for kids

HGH, or the human growth hormone, is still something fairly new for many people, and most people are not very familiar with it still. But, this is something that we should not be neglected at any cost. Here, HGH stands for human growth hormone deficiency. This HGH for kids is a very common thing these days. There are many parents out there who are seen worried and looking around for help over this. But to get help for this, it is very essential for people to, first of all, have enough knowledge about this hormone.

So, here in the guide, as per the demand of the topic, we will try and cover all the informational aspects associated with the HGH for kids.

What is the assigned task for HGH?

Well, going by the name HGH or human growth hormone, we can say that the assigned task for this is to help the human body in its physical growth and development. It is through the secretion of HGH for kids that they keep on growing further as the hormone keeps secreting from the pituitary glands, which are there between the lobes of the brain.

HGH deficiency in kids

Well, it is often seen pituitary glands which are present between the brain lobes cannot able to produce enough HGH for kids. This is where the deficiency of the hormone gets started in the kids. Here, further, we will see the different types of HGH deficiencies that the kids get to face. Also, as we will move further in the guide, we will see the ways and means for identifying the deficiency of the hormone in the kids, and also we will see the steps one can take after identifying it.

Types of HGH deficiency

Well, there are basically two types of deficiencies that are very commonly seen when it comes to HGH levels in kids. These two types of deficiencies include the following –

  • By birth growth hormone deficiency- If such is the case, then that means a person is born with it. The kids who are born with the HGH deficiency are also at the risk of deficiency in other hormones. In babies, it becomes difficult to get hold of this problem. One may only be able to notice it in them once they are 6 to 12 months old.
  • Acquired growth hormone deficiency– This is the condition where HGH for kids stops producing in the body, or its production levels are snatched down. This condition can crop up at any given point of time in childhood days.

How to identify HGH deficiency through symptoms

  • Late puberty hitting
  • Delayed teeth growth
  • • Weak muscles
  • Small-sized penis during birth
  • Lower levels of blood sugar

What may lead to HGH deficiency in kids?

Well, none can give one specific reason as such that one can give in case of deficiency of HGH for kids. But, still, in some cases, when the doctor is actually able to identify the reason, it mostly turns out as some issue with the pituitary gland, or it can be some problem in the brain just around the same gland.

Some main reasons for this deficiency may include

  • Injuries in the head
  • Brain tumor
  • It can also be because of some radiation treatment taken

Some medically proven ways for diagnosing growth hormone deficiency in kids-

  • Blood Tests- As such, there are no specific tests that can help in identifying the exact levels of growth hormone. It is so because the growth hormones are made out of short bursts, and this can be a thing overnight. So, when it comes to a blood test for checking HGH in kids, the doctors are seen focusing on two levels of protein which helps in better identification and diagnosis.
  • X-Ray for bone age- In this case, to check the level of HGH for kids’ doctors do conduct X-rays of the hand or of the Wrist. The X-ray report is then compared to the X-Ray reports of other children. If in case the bone age of the child turns out to be less than his or her actual age, then this can be because of a growth hormone deficiency.
  • Stimulation Test- This test is given consideration when the other test reports show some signs of growth hormone deficiency. For the conduct of this test, the child will have to fast for a few hours. The child should not be allowed to eat or drink anything for a while. In most cases, this has to be done overnight. Your child will then feed on a medicine given by the doctor for the production of growth hormones in the body. After that, at regular intervals of time, blood samples will be taken to check the levels of HGH in the kids.
  • Brain MRI– In this,  a good and a very clear picture of the brain is taken. Through this picture, the doctors will be able to identify the exact issue in the pituitary gland.

What is the process to treat HGH deficiency?

If you need to treat deficient levels of HGH in your kids, then the best option are daily HGH shots. You, as a parent, can learn the process of providing your child with the shot. Once after learned the process, you will be able to give a shot to your child on your own from the comfort of your home. You will not have to visit the doctor daily.


So, here you can call this a general comprehensive guide for understanding each and everything related to the levels of HGH in kids. Once you complete reading this guide, you will be able to understand and will be able to keep your child in good health. This guide will surely help you in easy maintenance of HGH levels in your kid if he or she is suffering from some deficiency in the hormone. Yes, this is a serious issue for your child but treating this in the right way is all that you need.

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