The Derriere You Desire is Easier to Achieve Than You May Have Thought

Get a Brilliant Bottom With a Brazilian Butt Lift

Thanks to the Kardashian clan paving the way in recent times, curves in the “right places” are in; full bottoms are becoming increasingly popular, and flat butts are a thing of the past. Women – and even some men – are looking to plump up their behinds to feel more confident in their bathing suits and tight-fitting clothes.

Perhaps you’ve always been unhappy with your backside, or you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, which left you with a flat, sagging bottom. Either way, when you’ve followed a proper diet, done all the squats and lunges you can possibly do, and you still have a flat fanny, it may be time to turn to a reputable plastic surgeon to help you get the derriere you desire.

Here’s some great news for you: there’s more than one option if you’re looking for a fabulous fanny, and the one I’m talking about today DOES NOT INVOLVE STITCHES OR IMPLANTS!

Brazilian Butt Lift In Nyc can give you a more natural, youthful contour and is a much safer procedure than butt implants.

Scars After A Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) uses a person’s own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. Liposuction is performed first by a plastic surgeon to remove fat from other areas of the body where it’s unwanted (usually from the lower back, thighs, arms, or abdomen). Then the fat is purified and strategically transferred to the buttocks. A Brazilian Butt Lift leaves you with a more natural look and feel than you get with implants. It shapes well, can be put in the specific area that needs it, and can even create hips.

Butt implants are the insertion of silicone implants into a patient’s buttocks. The procedure requires stitches and comes with a higher risk of infection. Usually, liposuction is performed prior to inserting implants also, so you might as well take that fat and put it somewhere else where it’s more appreciated by you!

Ideal candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift are people who are at their ideal weight, in good overall health and have enough fat that can be transferred from other areas of their body. For patients looking to re-shape and sculpt their bodies versus decreasing their body size, this procedure is for them.

Post-procedure, patients typically return to a job where they sit at a desk within 7-14 days. A return to full activity levels can typically be seen 3-4 weeks following a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Some swelling and bruising are to be expected, and this will improve in the weeks after your procedure. A special garment should be worn for 2 weeks after your BBL, which will help reduce any swelling.


Remember: No surgical procedure is risk-free; most share similar risks and potential complications. These include, but are not limited to, excessive blood loss, blood clots, numbness, and pain. Certain medicines and herbal products may increase bleeding, so be sure to let your doctor know all the products you are currently taking during your consultation.

If you think a Brazilian Butt Lift is for you, do your research. Speak with a number of board-certified, reputable plastic surgeons, and ask the right questions. Don’t hesitate to request before and after photos from Brazilian Butt Lift procedures the surgeons have performed in the past. Remember that everyone has a different idea of what they think is an ideal look, and plastic surgeons aren’t excluded from this.

The Brazilian Way: Shapely Buttocks – With Your Own Fat

With the number of butt augmentation procedures on the rise, one, in particular, has grown in popularity—the Brazilian butt lift. The name itself conjures up sexy images of warm Rio De Janeiro beaches packed with women wear skimpy thong bikinis. The name is fitting, however. Brazil is a country that emphasizes the importance of having a nice shapely butt. So why not name a butt lift procedure after it?

The Brazilian Way: Shapely Buttocks - With Your Own Fat

The Brazilian butt lift varies from other buttock enhancement procedures, as it mainly focuses on the upper part of the butt, giving it that desired ‘lifted’ look. This can not only help out women in their 40’s and 50’s but also younger women who are seeking that perkier looking backside.

Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé started a craze for an enhanced derriere as more flat or bulky rear ends everywhere are being surgically enhanced into more shapely curves and feminine fullness.

Besides this major attention focused on only a few Hollywood leading ladies, more women everywhere are considering or getting buttock enhancements – lifted, sculpted, or augmented. For one, more women are wearing tighter garments, low-cut sweats, workout pants, and leotards in public more often. Plus, thong bathing suits leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

In Brazil, with its languid, sunny weather and postcard-perfect beaches, the attraction of shapely, female buttocks is nothing new.

Yet another reason more women are having butt implants – or gluteoplasty – results from an excessive amount of exercise. Women who work out hard also tend to lose the natural curve and shape of their rears, experts say.

How is Brazilian butt lift Done

The popularity of the butt lift is not just a U.S. fashion fad. Experts say there are strong reasons why people everywhere are wild about beautiful rears on females and the very feminine inward sweep of the lower back, hips, and waist.

Rooting in prehistory, the attraction of a curvy female rear helped propagate the human race.

Looking For Brazilian Butt Lift In Nyc? We Know Just The Place!

The butt lift or butt augmentation is a popular procedure that not only adds volume to your buttock but also helps to lift and shape it. You will have a fuller, more youthful-looking butt that looks great in pants, skirts, bathing suits, or even nothing at all.

Having a sexy butt is something that many people desire. What may surprise you, however, is that the aesthetics of the buttock are not exclusively impacted by the gluteal muscles. Of course, the shape and size of these muscles are important, but they are just one of many factors to consider. The shape of the buttock is influenced heavily by your pelvic anatomy, the fat distribution, and even the skin in the area.

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that takes each of these things into account when planning your procedure. By taking this more holistic approach, is able to provide you with results that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

Looking For Brazilian Butt Lift In Nyc? We Know Just The Place!

The procedure begins at the initial consultation, where the doctor will evaluate your current look and work with you to come up with realistic goals. When done, he will plan out a customized procedure to get you the best possible results. There are many great benefits to the Brazilian Butt Lift that simply can’t be found with any other option, including the following:

  • More natural appearance
  • Visible ‘V-Zone’ in the upper buttock area
  • Equal fat distribution across the entire buttock
  • Minimally invasive

Of course, the biggest benefit will be having a butt that will give you more confidence in yourself. If you are interested in learning more about the Brazilian Butt Lift In Nyc, please take some time to browse around the website.

If you’re looking for a shapely rear end that delivers lasting results quickly, buttock implants may be the perfect option. This procedure allows for dramatic changes to the size and shape of your buttock with one simple surgery.

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