Endoscopic Rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul Turkey by Dr. Avşar

A new technique has been developed by Dr. Yakup Avşar in nose operations, and thanks to that, rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey, is very desirable now. Our nose is one of the most important organs that completes our face and overall look. If you are uncomfortable with your nose or had an accident such that it changed your nose, you can always have a rhinoplasty operation to boost up your confidence, beauty, and aesthetic look.

Rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul Turkey by Dr. Avşar

The rhinoplasty operation is used to improve the appearance of the nose if you are unsatisfied with your nose. Thanks to Dr. Avşar’s developed techniques, it is possible to have plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. The AVSARM, which is the name of an endoscopic arm, enables you to have a nose operation without a scar. Besides AVSARM, micro-cutting, and micro-shaping tools, and 3D mask techniques are used for the operation. The tools make the operation easier, and each stage of the operation can be seen and monitored. A fifteen years of effort and working techniques of Dr. Avşar, let the nose seen enlarged about twenty times, which allows the operation to be done detailed and precisely.

Another technique that making the operation desirable is the 3D printing technology of Dr. Avşar. By using the technique, a patient can see and even touch their new potential nose, and face so that you can find out the perfect nose for you by using simulations before the surgery, which is an amazing opportunity. The time duration of healing in total is two months after the operation.

The importance of AVSARM during operations

Endoscopic Rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul

The world of medicine has advanced to a high technological level and plastic surgery in İstanbul Turkey also has been keeping up with these advanced medical technologies. Even further with AVSARM, authentic design, and the development of technology with the personal efforts and experiences of Dr. Yakup Avşar, rhinoplasty in İsntabul Turkey has made a breakthrough in the field of plastic surgery. The fact that AVSARM provides convenience during operations and helps a fast healing process for the patient makes AVSARM essentially an important facility during operations.

What does AVSARM do during the operations and why is it important?

Firstly, in addition to its many other functions, AVSARM enables a fruitful technique of endoscopic micro-rhinoplasty to be performed. During the procedure, AVSARM operates as a surgical arm that provides a high-quality vision of the nose at each stage by magnifying the vision of the surgical area. With the convenience and efficiency that AVSARM provides, both the nasal tip cartilage structure, the nasal-back bone structure, and the airway anatomy can be designed and made with precision.

Thanks to AVSARM, your surgery will result in an extremely successful way that you can not have foreseen. For example, you will not have the nightmare of a tampon stuck up in your nose. Your recovery process will not be torturing but rather it will be handled fast and painlessly. All these favorable outcomes are thanks to AVSARM, an advanced surgical technique that globalized plastic surgery in İstanul Turkey as well as rhinoplasty in İstanbul Turkey.

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