Breathing is the ultimate sign of life. It comes to us naturally which means no effort is required to breathe but having difficulty in breathing means there is something wrong. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a common lung disease which makes the lungs hard to work their full potential thus difficulty in breathing and long-term coughing. COPD affects the airways, air sacs and lungs.

Effective Wellness Tips to Deal with COPD

If you are diagnosed with COPD, and you are having thoughts like will I be able to lead a normal life? Is it curable? No need to worry as COPD can be managed with proper medications and lifestyle changes.  Let’s have a look at how we can deal with a lung disease such as COPD.

1. Avoid Smoking

It’s a common belief that smoking is one of the major causes of various lung diseases. It’s also true in the case of COPD. If you have a habit of smoking and diagnosed with COPD then you need to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices. Avoid smoking as much as you can which includes second-hand smoke as well. Nicotine, which is commonly used in cigarettes is a hazardous component, needs to be avoided in all forms. There are many helpful techniques to quit smoking some of which are:

  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Medications
  • Group programs

2. Medications

In addition to lifestyle changes, you will need to take help from medications as well. Medicines like Anoro Ellipta may help if you are having a COPD attack. These medicines are with help of inhalers which makes it easy for your lungs to work effectively and may ease breathing.

It is recommended to use this inhaler once a day at the same time every day. Practice these medications according to the instructions given by your doctor. For further information tap, You need to incorporate medicines and treatments as early as possible which will help in stopping the symptoms from getting worse. Medicines might help in reducing the symptoms of COPD like coughs.

3. Avoid Stress & Anxiety

When you live with COPD, the anxiety caused by being short of breath is always racing within your mind. Stress and COPD have a deep link. When you are about to get short of breath, the brain starts sending signals to your body which induce stress. Specifically designed breathing techniques may help a lot in reducing stress.  Look for pulmonary rehabilitation programs and try to learn such exercises. This may help you in the long run.

4. Re-evaluate Your Diet:

The most common causes of having lung disease or any disease are the food you take. The types of food groups and nutrients you take regularly may impact the functioning of your lungs and other body parts. For patients with COPD, eating a well-balanced proportion of carbohydrates and fats will help in breathing easily. Go for super-foods which will help you in getting your body in shape. Eat one fresh vegetable or fruit with every meal. Exercise as much as you can. Invest in a step counter and try to improve your step count every day.

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