Are you fond of treadmills? If you are then you will be quite shocked to know there is a new app that is transforming the treadmill experience. It is called Vingo and it is an Online running app that takes you into the virtual space to train. It combines social media with virtual reality to give you an out of the world experience you will love. Here are some things about the app that will make you want it for yourself.

Vingo is a Versatile Yet Powerful App

The Vingo app has been designed exclusively for people who love to work-out indoors. It has a lot of features in it too. Voice chat, 3D maps and trekking routes, communities, avatars, and more features make it interesting and fun to use. The app is also powered by ANT+ sensors which allow it to track your movements on the treadmill very effectively and seamlessly. You can install the app on any of your smart devices too, be it your iPhone, iPad, or even your smart TV for a wide screen experience.

Create A Personalized World in Vingo

Once you install the app on your smart device you can proceed to connect it with your treadmill. You can do that easily via Bluetooth. After you connect and open the app, you can create your own account and add up to 8 profiles in the same. This means, you can pay for one and add all your family into the app. Each of the profiles can be customised with different avatars, equipment, and so on. You can have a unique profile for yourself and keep upgrading it from time to time, keeping up with the trends. After personalising your profile you are all set for your amazing Indoor running experience.

Enjoy Running in the Virtual World

Like we said before, the Vingo app has a virtual reality program inside it. There are a lot of virtual locations preloaded in the app. These locations and maps are designed from real locations around the world. You can select from a range of maps depending upon your mood and style and run in them. The app tracks your speed, resistance, inclination, and other settings and uses the readings to adjust the scenery before you.

Connect With New People in this Place

As you go on Online running inside the virtual maps, you will notice a lot of people joining you on your selected locations. These people can be from anywhere in the world, and you can connect with them using the voice chat feature in the app. Talk to them in real-time and team up with like minded people to up your game.

Share Your Updates on Social Media

You can also post your daily progress, weekly and monthly fitness targets on social media directly from the app. The only place where you will sweat is during exercise and not for social media posts. Also, you can use the Vingo app with your exercise bike to ride indoor cycling too. 

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