Crystal Water Bottle Is The Latest Wellness Trend We Can Get Behind

Do you live by the motto “water is life”? This is a reference to the belief that water can provide a sense of balance and be healthy. Water bottles are often seen as a way of staying well-hydrated but in recent years, experts have taken that idea and turned it into trends for humans to stay well-hydrated, provided through special designs and futuristic technologies. Take a look at these crystal bottles from, the newest wellness craze!

Why Get Into Crystal Water Bottles?

One of the most popular wellness trends is crystal water bottles. These bottles often cost less than 400 dollars, but they are well worth the money. Sparkling, clean water from these bottles is a joy to drink and health benefits can include better energy levels, increased metabolism, and weight loss due to drinking more water.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Crystal Water

Drinking water from a crystal-covered glass is becoming a wellness trend. The idea first came about in Argentina where many people are drinking purple and green “aurum” water to fight cancer. They believe that the enhanced oxygen levels found specifically in these types of waters encourage the production of anti-inflammatory molecules called “biomolecules.” In comparison, plain tap water contains few biomolecules according to research by Kaisa Sneltner, professor of cellular biology at the Sweden’s University of Stockholm.

Tips For Beginners On How To Utilize The Health And Fitness Sector

As the wellness sector continues to grow, those interested in health can benefit from today’s latest trend. With the recent popularity of startup companies like Bulu Box, as well as a growing number of DIY/craft-based projects and an array of creative designs, there is no better time than now to incorporate these new innovations into your daily routine.

Downsides To Drinking Carbonated Water

With so many people trying to detoxify their bodies by drinking crystal water bottles in order to live a healthier lifestyle, many haven’t actually understood the downsides. One downside is that carbonated water can increase bloating and cause gas, and it’s more difficult for the body to digest. We know that our health relies on a food-based diet rich in essential nutrients; a jar of crystal water has no nutritional value. Lastly, people who drink a lot of carbonated water tend to get headaches because of the air bubbles in their heads.

Best Brands of Crystal Water

Crystal water bottles are becoming one of the latest wellness trends. People are using them for hydration, relaxation, meditation and more. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Best Brands is a company perfect for those looking for great quality crystal water at affordable prices. Best Brands provides education tutorials with each purchase so people can find out how to best use the bottles to improve their health and life.


Crystal Water Bottles are leading the wellness trend, with First Lady Michelle Obama pushing the importance of drinking more water. The First Lady simply saying that the benefits outweigh any short-term inconvenience is a huge deal. Glass bottles should also save environmentalists from contamination by potentially toxic plastics however they may also contribute to global warming. Crystal bottles are really quite expensive though – usually around $50!

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