CBD Cookies

The CBD industry is massive, and it’s steadily increased in popularity over the past few years. With so many claimed benefits, it’s easy to see why and there are lots of different forms of CBD on the market too. One of the most popular places to source high-quality CBD products are Stiiizy’s dispensaries. Within their range, a type that’s quickly rising in popularity is CBD cookies. These delicious little snacks can be a great way to get your daily dose of CBD and enjoy a tasty treat at the same time. So, if you’re interested in CBD cookies, keep reading and discover everything you need to know!

What Is CBD?

CBD is a compound that’s extracted from the cannabis plant. However, unlike THC, it contains no psychoactive properties, so it won’t impair your mental capabilities in any way. Once extracted, the compound can be added to lots of different products. Some of the most popular are CBD oils, soft gels, and edibles like gummies and cookies. CBD is still relatively new, so studies into its benefits and long-term effects are still ongoing. However, the science so far is positive and indicates that its claimed benefits may be true.

How Strong Are The Cookies?

The strength of the cookie will depend on which brand and strength you choose. Normally, CBD will come in all sorts of different strengths, so you may find that some brands offer cookies with all different levels of CBD. Others may only have one or two strengths. Deciding which strength is right for you will take some time to find out as you need to start off low and work your way up. Cookies tend to be on the lower side of the strength scale, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work for you if you’re taking a high dose. CBD cookies can work as a little pick-me-up and offer you a different (and delicious) way to get some of your daily dose. If you take 30mg a day, you could have a 5mg cookie and then only take 25mg of oil. You could take these at separate times too, which can work great if you have anxiety. If you take the first part of your dose in the morning and then have a cookie in the afternoon, it can top you back up and quash any feelings of anxiety that may have arisen.  Make sure you check the packet of your CBD cookies before purchasing them as you want to know for certain what the dose is as guessing could leave you under or over your daily amount.

What Can They Do For Me?

CBD cookies could provide you with a lot of benefits. From enhancing your sleep to improving your mood, there’s not much they can’t do. CBD is said to have so many positive effects, that you may be surprised at how different having a CBD cookie every day makes you feel. You could enjoy a CBD cookie with your morning coffee to get you off to a good start or you could pop one in your bag and take it when you need it. Alternatively, if you’re having trouble sleeping, you could have one as a late-night snack before bed. You’ll soon find yourself drifting off naturally and waking up feeling refreshed. Other people take CBD to help with pain relief, so if you’ve got an achy back, then having a yummy CBD cookie could help soothe your muscles and your tastebuds. CBD has also been shown to lower blood pressure and enable your body to deal with stress better. So, even if you don’t have chronic pain or problems with your mental health, you may find that your overall wellbeing improves thanks to your lower blood pressure and your body’s response to stress being enhanced.

Can I Make Them Myself?

You don’t have to only buy your CBD cookies from retailers either. You can find lots of CBD cookie recipes online that can do just as good a job and may allow you to get a little more creative with your flavors. All you need is your own CBD and a good recipe, and you’ll have a batch of scrumptious calming treats at the ready! You will need to be aware of the differing strengths that people use in their recipes, as it may mean you need to adjust the amount of CBD you put in. However, with a little bit of maths, and possibly a calculator, you can easily figure it out.

CBD cookies are a brilliant way to get your daily dose of CBD. They’re easy to eat thanks to their gorgeous flavors and simple to carry with you if you’re on the go. So, if you’re looking for a new way to take your CBD, why not give the cookies a try? Not only will you get the amazing benefits of CBD, but you’ll also get to treat yourself to a little sugary snack!

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