Braces for Adults
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You can change your outfit if you’re not feeling confident in it. But what if you’re not satisfied with the way you smile? Can you change that as well?

Yes, absolutely you can! And braces are the way to go.

Sometimes genetics fall in favor of a few people, resulting in a set of flawless and straight teeth. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed. If you fall in the latter category and have crooked teeth since childhood that may have shifted over time, you must undergo orthodontic treatment as an adult.

Here’s when braces come into the picture. From treating crooked teeth to an underbite, adults can gain immense confidence if these conditions bother them.

How Many Options Do You Have for Adult Braces?

When we think of braces, the first image that pops into our mind is a child wearing traditional silver brackets with colorful rubber bands. But wait, what if you find out there’re several adults in the world that wear braces?

Yes, even adults wear braces. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists states that almost 25% of the orthodontic patients today are adults.

Today, there’re several options available to suit your orthodontic needs. You can try out some of these:

1. Ceramic (Clear) Braces

They work the same as metal braces. But these are made from ceramic, making them less harsh on your gums and inner cheeks.

Moreover, these are harder to notice.

Getting braces is a huge deal for many adults because they can be embarrassing. But ceramic braces color-match your teeth, making it difficult to notice from a distance!

2. Invisalign

The most popular clear aligner’s brand – Invisalign, guides your teeth into a straighter position. The best part about wearing these is that they’re completely clear! No one can actually notice you’re wearing them unless they take a really close look.

Like metal braces, even aligners push your teeth with gradual. But here, the benefit is that you’re not stuck with the inconvenience of metal wires or brackets poking your inner cheek and gums.

Moreover, you can remove them while eating or drinking! So you can eat anything you want. But yes, that also means you’ll have to wash them every day and after eating.

3. Traditional Braces

And lastly, these traditional braces are the ones you imagine when you hear the word braces. Made with metal brackets and wires, they attach to your teeth with the help of rubber bands. These bands come in different colors if you want to customize your braces!

Apart from these braces that require rubber bands, there’re self-ligating braces that don’t need rubber bands to hold the wires. Instead, these use a special clip, causing less friction on teeth and lesser visits to your orthodontist!

What Are the Benefits of Braces for Adults?

What Are the Benefits of Braces for Adults?
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One of the major benefits of braces is treating cosmetic and dental issues, but apart from that, here’re several other health benefits:

1. Boosts Your Confidence

A nice smile equals enhanced confidence! You might’ve your reasons for getting braces – like correcting a dental issue or even fixing the shape of your jaw and teeth. Whatever the reasons are, in the end, braces will give you a beautiful and confident smile!

Once you get them off, you can have a smile you’re truly proud of.

2. Keeps the Bad Breath Away

People with dental issues like overcrowded or crooked teeth suffer from severe bacteria buildup that leads to tartar. And due to the complexity of their teeth’ shape, brushing and flossing become ineffective. This results in bad breath.

Your teeth straighten gradually with braces, allowing fresher breath!

3. Decreases Oral Health Risks

With time, your misaligned teeth will cause other risks like cavities, tooth decay, and severe gum disease. Of course, professional dental clean-ups are effective. But braces are more of a concrete solution to this!

4. Minimizes Tooth Injuries

Accidents can lead to tooth chipping, cracking, or even fractures! And this is more likely to happen when the tooth is sticking out more than it should.

With braces, your protruding teeth are straightened, realigned, and protected from several injuries.

5. Strengthens Jaw Bones

Teeth placement heavily impacts your jaw bone. If you’ve misaligned teeth, extra pressure is exerted on your jaw while biting and chewing, leading to bone loss. Moreover, it can also cause jaw pain or sensitivity which causes headaches and earaches.

Braces save your jaw bone by realigning your teeth!

6. Eases Chewing

Misaligned teeth lead to uncomfortable or painful chewing. Furthermore, it causes soft food to stick between your teeth and restricts you from eating hard foods. Braces can also correct your bite apart from misaligned teeth, making chewing pain-free for you.

7. Improves Digestion

If you’ve an improper bite, chewing becomes harder. When you don’t chew your food into tiny pieces, your stomach cannot digest large pieces properly. But once your teeth are straightened, it’ll improve your bite and make it easier for your stomach to digest tiny pieces!

8. Diminishes Speech Difficulties

Crooked teeth can also cause speech difficulties. If you suffer from this, you may feel embarrassed to speak.

Braces make pronunciation easier after straightening your teeth. Now you can smile and speak confidently!

Bottom Line

The benefits of braces for adults extend far beyond giving you a confident smile! You can eliminate these health risks and enhance your lifestyle with your newfound confidence! Ditch the false notion that adults cannot wear braces, and visit an orthodontist if you suffer from misaligned teeth.

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