Best Tips for Buying Your First Waist Trainer

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There’s a lot of confusion regarding waist trainers. Do they hurt? Are they safe? Can I get an hourglass physique? The answers are no, yes, and yes. Properly fitted waist trainers won’t hurt your body, are perfectly safe, and can help you achieve a natural, hourglass figure. Still, when you decide to get a waist trainer, there’s a lot to consider. Check out these best tips for buying your first waist trainer so you know what to expect.


You might picture a waist trainer in your head as something that constricts your breathing to where it seems almost painful just to maintain an hourglass physique. Don’t believe this common waist training myth. One of the first things to look for with a waist trainer is compression. While a waist trainer does tighten your midsection and smoothen out bulged areas, breathing is essential. Your waist trainer should allow you to comfortably inhale or exhale while standing, sitting, or moving around.


With that, be sure to choose the right size. Always measure your body before purchasing a waist trainer. Mainly, measure the bust, torso, and waist to get accurate sizing results. Be sure to measure your natural waist, or the smallest part of your waist. Whichever waist trainer you choose, this is one of the most important measurements to ensure a proper fit. Also, decide whether you want an under bust or over bust waist trainer. An under bust, as it sounds, sits directly under your bust line. Over bust waist trainers cover the bust area.


As part of the best tips for buying your first waist trainer, don’t neglect comfort. If you experience any bulging or rolling, you need a new size. If you experience any bulging or rolling, you likely chose the wrong fit. Bulging indicates your waist trainer is too tight or too loose. It can occur when there’s too much pressure on the body or not enough. Similarly, rolling occurs if your waist trainer rolls around the hip. This is another sign that it is too small for your body. When choosing a comfortable waist trainer, find one that looks and feels snug, sturdy, and stylish.


Finally, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for waist trainers. There’s different shapewear for different purposes. Some shapewear is designed for all-day use to fit as a base undergarment under your other clothes. Other waist trainers are designed for gym use to help improve your natural thermogenesis to make you sweat and lose more body fat. Whichever you choose, be sure to consider the compression, size, and comfort as listed above. These will help you look your best to achieve the hourglass figure you want.

This brief guide on finding your first waist trainer will help you achieve a tighter midsection and curvy figure wherever you go. From the gym to the nightclubs, consider each of these reasons to find the best waist trainer for your body. It’s not as hard as you may have imagined.

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