Best Jawline Exercises for Attractive Face

Every inch of our bodies is made of tissues and muscles that need constant attention, pampering, and exercise. Such care, pampering, and as well as exercises will tone the muscles. Most of the time, the focus is on body contouring, and a lot of people had been sweating it out just to attain a good body posture as well as the whistle-bait shape bodies. Ironically, we tend to forget the facial area, specifically the jawline, that also needs countering and exercise.

Reality speaks that people tend to judge other people based on their looks, especially in the facial area. Based on certain research, people of ancient times chose a mate based on the person’s jaw structure. Jaw structure gives a hint on whether the future mate is fertile or healthy.  

The dominating jawline feature is associated with being strong; just take a look at some of the actors that have portrayed “Superman,” from Christopher Reeve to Henry Cavill, who showed a good jawline structure.

Time and age are something that cannot be defeated, and it is a living reality. The muscles started to shrink, and the jawline area became less defined as age advances.  

You cannot defy time and age, but you can still look good not only by resorting to science or undergoing surgery but just by performing certain exercises. Try to tone your facial muscles and restore that beauty and well-defined jawline by performing an exercise. A jawline exercise is not only for achieving a desired or defined jawline, but these exercises have health benefits such as an effective way of preventing headaches, neck pain, and as well as jaw pain.

There are five simple yet effective jawline exercises that were prepared by the team that will greatly improve your jawline structure and, at the same time, reap some health benefits from it.
Check out these five jawline exercises;

Exercise for the Sagging Chin

Beauty and suppleness fade as we age, and it is true with our chin. You may notice that your chin begins to sag as you age. Such a sagging chin can be restored by having a defined jawline by performing this exercise.  

The exercise works on the area under the chin that will look to being more sculpted and as well as toned. You can do this exercise by putting your two fits under the chin area while you are on sitting on a table. Make sure that the two elbows are at rest at the table, and with the fists on the under the chin, open your mouth slowly and as gently as possible while thrusting your fists up, thereby creating a sort of resistance. Hold such a position for a while and slowly release it.

You may try to perform this exercise in three sets whenever you are ready, and for each set, the jawline exercise must be repeated ten times.

Restoration of the Jawbone

This type of exercise is geared to make your jawline more defined and strong. You can have a set of this jawline exercise which is being repeated ten times. It can easily be done by putting the thumbs just below the chin area. While the thumbs are in that position, you push the chin down to create a certain resistance and gradually slide down the thumbs along the ear area.  

The Chin-up Exercise

This is not to make you an aristocratic individual, but this is the exercise you can have if you want to have your facial muscles lifted, specifically on the lower part of the face area. If you are already accustomed to this exercise, you can try to repeat the three sets, and each set is for fifteen repetitions.

This type of exercise can be done by simply closing the mouth and having the jaw push forward that will give a lift to the lower lip. While in that position, try to hold it for about ten seconds and eventually repeat the exercise. Doing this exercise will make you feel that the facial muscle is stretched.

Exercising for the Vowel Sounds

This is not to be acquainted with the sounds of the vowels such as the “O” and “E,” but this exercise is for you to tone the muscles, especially on the area along with the mouth and lips. You can repeat a set three times, of which each set is for fifteen repetitions.

You can achieve the look of having a toned mouth and lip area by opening the mouth and try to vocalize the sounds of “O” and “E.” In making this exercise make sure that you are not showing your teeth or touching your teeth.

Exercise for the Collar Bone Backup

Doing jawline exercises is great. You can enjoy doing this type of exercise: the collarbone back up for three sets of ten repetitions for each set, or you may try to hold the position longer for more effective contouring.

Make sure that your head is parallel to the floor, and once it is in that position, you can have your head move backward, and doing so will make the muscles contract. You can again go back to the original position and repeat the head movement about ten times for each set.

This type of exercise will make the muscles under the chin to be engaged and toned.


Being vain and beautiful is part of the innate desire of every human being. The sense of attractiveness of the person is oftentimes being gauged on the facial features as well as of the body. Oftentimes the face is the first one that is being taken notice of.

Considering that it is the feature that represents who we are, it is a must that we must take good care of it and, to the extreme, have it pampered. There are certain exercises that you can resort to in achieving a contoured and defined jawline. Resorting to these exercises will save you big bucks from having a surgical method of jawline contouring.

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