Instagram Accounts for Workout Routines and Inspiration

If you’re looking for #selfies and ab shots, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to like this list. While there are literally thousands of fitness-focused Instagram accounts on the social platform, way too many of them are hyper-focused on appearance, and many of them are maintained by people who look great but aren’t remotely qualified to provide fitness advice. (Case in point: Any of the Kardashians.)

That’s where this list comes in. If you’re looking for inspirational Instagram accounts that actually provide workout tips and advice from qualified professionals, look no further. Not all of these account holders have millions of followers, but in my opinion, they should. Go ahead and give them a follow!


Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is no slouch when it comes to Instagram followers, with more than 450,000 subscribed to receive her videos and images. And while she has no qualms about showing off her rock-hard abs and chiseled arms, they’re just an accessory to the main event:

  • Her short, full-length workouts.
  • Gluten-free food pics (she has Celiac disease).
  • Beautiful beach photos.

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Christine Gallagher DeFilippis is an ACE and AFAA-certified fitness professional who creates custom workouts for her company’s Instagram account, @RedHotDanceFitness. DeFilippis points out that her personal and company pages are real and relatable, “I’ve struggled with body image issues and eating disorders and have created a judgment-free zone for my workouts for all.” That’s something I can get behind!


Danny Takacs is a CSCS, PES, and USAW-certified fitness professional whose Instagram account is filled with serious workout tips to improve performance and build strength. Plus, he promises, “No selfies or ab shots!” Thank you, Danny. Thank you.


Amp Training Instagram account

If you’re a freestyle fitness enthusiast, look no further than the @Amp_Training Instagram account maintained by Adam DiBella, an ISSA-certified trainer and co-founder of the AMP (Active Movement and Performance) training center located on Long Island. The account features incredible freestyle calisthenics videos that are full of inspiration, even if you don’t want to follow in his footsteps.

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beautiful Instagram profile

Pro ballerina and in-home trainer Colleen Shaughnessy is the voice behind the beautiful Instagram profile @FearlesslyFitLife. You’ll get a little bit of everything here – fit tips, workouts, food inspiration, and just plain pretty pictures.

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certified Pilates and barre instructor

Robin Long, a certified Pilates and barre instructor, uses her Instagram account, @TheBalancedLife, to share workouts, advice, tips, and inspiration. One of her main goals is to “maintain a spirit of authenticity,” and one look at her account makes it clear she has “authentic” in spades. As in, you’ll feel happy and uplifted just looking at her photos.

Also, she’s currently pregnant, which means she has lots of prenatal workouts and tips!

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ACE is the world's largest health and fitness non-profit organization

ACE is the world’s largest health and fitness non-profit organization, and their Instagram page is dedicated to sharing the latest studies, workouts, and motivational messages. While there are fewer workouts than on some other Instagram profiles, I’m especially fond of their #PROtip images that each includes a tip from one of their certified trainers.

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Heidi Somers is a fitness expert

Heidi Somers is a fitness expert and model who proves on her Instagram account, @HeidiSomersFit, that women can lift heavy without bulking up. She offers lots of videos displaying exercises and workout ideas that can help ladies (and guys!) feel comfortable hitting the weights at the gym or at home.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Kristen Ley Green, an avid fan of Somers’ puts it this way, “I’m a fitness enthusiast who recently got married and followed Heidi Somers religiously for tips and new workouts.

I love her because she demonstrates innovative ways to use machines and free weights for different body parts you might not normally have used them for.”

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Andreas Hansell is a licensed Eleiko Personal Trainer who specializes in offering fitness solutions to people and parents with “no time.” His Instagram account is filled with exercises that can be performed at home or in public spaces (parks or playgrounds) with little to no equipment.


No fitness Instagram list is complete without a stellar yogi

No fitness Instagram list is complete without a stellar yogi. While there are lots to choose from (for instance, @KinoYoga@BeachYogaGirl, and @gypsetgoddess), I’m going to throw a curve ball and suggest you follow @MattGiordanoYoga from The Yogi Matt. His images are a little more raw and powerful, favoring rustic outdoor settings to the frequently-used island beach. He also uses his account as a microblog, sharing his insights and wisdom with each shot.

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