We all are instructed to be safe and healthy during a pandemic and when some of us are not working. So, how do well maintain form and well-being? Staying productive for our work is the most important task for all of us. Dancers have to maintain their bodies to stay in their dancing profession. But do you believe that without a proper workout, it is going to happen?

Top 5 Exercises Dancers Should Do Everyday

Here are exercises for dancers to do daily and on a budget:

Work on the trusty squats

One of the most foundational and well-known exercises is the basic squat. It is so because it is a full body exercise and full of health benefits. It is an amazing glute workout that keeps your booty in shape and also it is good for your thighs which strengthens your legs while dancing even if you have worn high heels and maintain your leg shape to support dancing. It is an effective way to see if your joints are aligned. If you are tired while doing squats, you can drink a Mate Mate energy drink for a natural energy boost.

Strengthen feet and ankles

Ballet barre and reformer pilates are two good exercises that can help you to keep your feelings and ankles strong and limber. If it is the same for you, ballet barre and reformer exercise is the best way to keep your feelings and ankle stronger in dancing even if you are wearing high heels dancing. Remember to push through your ankles and articulate the joints.

Strike a body balance for dancing

Dancing can involve most of your body parts’ movement. Unless most dancers cross train, most of the members will experience some muscle changes because every dance style has some unique and particular way. For example, in ballet dance, a dancer will work their turned-out positions and not necessarily neutral or turned positions. While a tap dancer can experience compression in the spine because of the repetitive motion of exerting force on the ground. Dancing sessions might be long, so keep you hydrated with the natural caffeinated energy drink Mate Mate.

Dancers often assume that they have a problem with the knee, but in reality, the pain they experience is due to tightness in the hips or thighs. To combat this, use a combination of loosening the outside of the thighs and hips and strengthening the glutes. To strengthen your glutes, do side lunges, side leg lifts, and single leg squats.

Maintain a healthy neck

In commercial dancing, we have to move our necks a lot. Every style that I trained over the years includes most head and neck choreography. Choreography is all about movement looks and not how it feels. After years of working, I found myself with chronic neck pain and a weak and tight neck. If your neck is too tight, you need to loosen the muscles before strengthening. For this, you can do neck glide, neck extension, neck rotation, lateral extension, and shoulder shrugs.

Do 30 minutes to an hour of cardio every day

To be a good dancer, you need your body in good shape and healthy body weight. If you are not already such a body, start doing cardio daily. Another factor to consider is a healthy diet. Make sure your diet includes fresh and raw foods and whole grains. Avoid eating things that come in a package. Most of them are empty calories and brim with sodium which leads to bloat. Cardio is beneficial for your heart health and keeps your metabolism stocked the whole day. After cardio, to boost energy levels, drink Yerba Mate energy drink to boost instant energy for your next reps.

Wrap up

Have a workout goal and find out exercises such as squat, cardio, and strength training. Try to find out which exercises are most beneficial for you and how to do them the best way. You can join any workout center or can do it at home which suits you best.

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