Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a surgical enhancement procedure that accentuates the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Breast augmentation offers a tremendous improvement for patients who simply desire a fuller profile or who have lost breast volume due to pregnancy. While breast augmentation will make the breasts larger, this surgery will not correct severely sagging breasts. For patients with sagging breasts, a combination of procedures can be performed to give the best cosmetic outcome. Your surgeon may choose to perform a breast lift with or without placement of an implant for added volume and projection. This is best discussed during the time of your initial consultation.

Reasons to consider Breast Augmentation:

  • Enhance the size of the breasts
  • Increase breast volume after pregnancy and nursing
  • Create symmetry between breasts of different size

Anyone can appreciate a fuller, vibrant, more feminine appearance. For those that have undertaken breast augmentation procedure, the results can be immensely satisfying, even exhilarating.

Not everyone will understand and agree with your decision to have breast augmentation. It is a highly personal decision. The important thing is how you feel about it yourself.

Getting the results you want from breast augmentation Auckland requires expertise and intuition.

Best Breast Augmentation Practices

It’s very important for women to have breasts that mean their personal standards. It is inevitably true that women’s breasts are very important contributors to their appearance, and those women almost always feel self-conscious about their breasts when they are noticeably small.

Many of the women who feel self-conscious about their breasts’ size consider breast augmentation surgery, but some of them feel reluctant about it because they are not sure what the process includes. For those women who are afraid it will be painful, rest assured that breast augmentation surgery is done under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes a little incision under the breast, where it is well hidden and then places saline-filled implants with silicone shells under the breast increasing the size of the breast.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, here are some of its benefits. The number one benefit of breast augmentation surgery is an aesthetic improvement. Enhancing breasts with breast implants improves the overall look of your body by balancing it. When breasts are small, the body often takes on a pear-shaped body, which most people feel is unattractive. When the breasts are enlarged, it gives more balance to the body and eliminates the pear shape, resulting in a beautiful hourglass-shaped body.

Best Breast Augmentation Practices

Breasts lose their firmness and a lot of their volume due to pregnancy or aging.

That is one case in which women would want to consider breast augmentation to improve the perfect shape they feel they have lost and wish to regain. Many surgeons also perform breast augmentation on patients who had to undergo mastectomy or other traumatic surgery.

Another benefit of breast augmentation surgery is that it increases your confidence. Many women who are self-conscious about their breast size feel inadequate and lose their confidence causing a lot of stress in their social and business life. Many women who have undergone breast enlargement surgery reported that it increased their self-esteem and confidence resulting in great success in their social and business life. It is surely true that when you are confident, you encounter many more opportunities, and you seize those opportunities without a doubt.

Women who have lost their breast size and shape due to pregnancy, especially if other moms have not experienced the same problem, feel unattractive and inadequate in comparison to other women in their social circle. There is a special breast augmentation surgery for moms to undergo in order to restore their breast size and shape and feel glamorous again. The same applies to women who had to undergo a mastectomy.

Finally, breast augmentation surgery presents to women the opportunity to have a much wider spectrum of clothing options.

Many women feel that there are certain clothes they cannot wear because they might expose the relatively inadequate size of their breasts. In other cases, some women who consider their breasts to be small in size or lack the perfect shape refuse to wear some clothes because they strongly believe that those clothes are made for women with perfectly balanced shapes. Breast augmentation surgery is one of the solutions for women who are looking to increase their clothing options.

Finally, breast augmentation surgery is a very serious and personal decision. If you strongly believe it will help you and are sure it is what you want, go for it!

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

The benefits of this treatment can be enormous! When we improve our physical appearance, we tend to feel more confident, whether in social interactions or career paths, and this is true of both males and females. Breast Augmentation can improve a person’s overall look and how they are also perceived by others to give stronger confidence.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgeries bring forth profound benefits to a patient’s life. The size and shape of the bust line are important to the overall appearance of a woman. Thus, if a person is unhappy with her breast size, she may want to consider having breast enhancement procedures done on her. Here are some potential benefits of breast enhancement.

1. Added Volume and Curves

Breast augmentation enhances breast size and, at the same time, provides better shape and contour. Women who have small breasts can have a disproportionate bust line and cleavage, which is visually unappealing. Furthermore, larger breasts offer more curves to the body, thus making it more aesthetically alluring.

2. Restore Breasts After Pregnancy

For women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth, the breast may lose its firmness and decrease in size. Breast implants may be done in combination with other cosmetic surgeries such as tummy tuck to restore the body to its previous form and shape prior to the pregnancy.

3. Rebuild Breasts After a Mastectomy

Breast implants may be done after breast surgeries as part of the treatment process for breast cancer. Some patients who have cancer may need to sacrifice their breasts and have them removed in a surgery called mastectomy. In this procedure, the tumor and some healthy tissues surrounding the tumor are removed in order to battle cancer. Some women feel extremely insecure and feel that they have lost the essence of being a woman. Breast implants can give back a look and feel of the breasts prior to having cancer.

4. Increase Self-Confidence

Breast implants increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Being unhappy with one’s physical features can cause tremendous shame and anxiety, thus resulting in depression and melancholia. By enhancing the appearance of the breasts, the patient is also given a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Truly, the benefits of breast augmentation are significant and noteworthy. If you are thinking of getting one, it is best to discuss with your doctor these benefits and how it applies to you.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation

Thousands of people every year choose to enhance their breasts by a surgical procedure called breast augmentation. Though the reason for getting the surgery is numerous and varied, here are some of the most common reasons for getting them.

Breast Augmentation Before and After
  1. First, and probably the most obvious reason, is to increase breast size. Some women are not contented with their average-sized breasts and desire to have fuller and larger breasts.
  2. Breast implants may also improve the breast’s shape. Women who have awkwardly shaped breasts also desire to undergo the knife to have rounder and fuller breasts. Others want to improve symmetry and proportion of the breasts to the body.
  3. Some women undergo breast augmentation after childbirth. In some cases, breastfeeding can leave the breasts sagging and hollow. Other patients undergo a combination of plastic surgery procedures in order to restore the body’s shape prior to pregnancy and childbirth.
  4. Others engage in breast surgery because of extreme weight loss. Weight loss can cause changes to the breast’s size and shape, and implants can give a rounder and fuller look.
  5. Breast implants can be done after a mastectomy, which involves removal of the breasts as part of the treatment plan for breast cancer. Some cancer patients may need to sacrifice their breasts in order to survive, and breast implants can restore the breast’s size and shape prior to cancer.

If you are contemplating whether or not to undergo breast augmentation, it is important to make sure your reasons are valid. It should be remembered that this is a significant operation, and you will put your body through a lot when you decide to get the implants. Ultimately, the decision to undergo the knife should only be made by you and you alone. No one can influence your decision in getting the implants.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery which is designed to increase the size of the female breast. Many women in today’s world wish that their breasts were bigger. Some of these people have always had had small breasts. Others used to have larger breasts but have lost mass due to increasing age, breastfeeding, or weight loss. Whatever the reason, breast augmentation is a way for women to increase the size of their breasts and improve their level of attractiveness.

Can A Breast Augmentation Help Me?

Breast augmentation can help women who have small breasts, and it can also help women who have breast asymmetry. It can also be performed to help with reconstructions after breast cancer. However, breast augmentation cannot fix saggy, pendulous breasts. Sagging breasts will typically require a breast lift instead. If the breasts are small and droopy, both procedures may be performed.

Are The Results Of Breast Augmentation Permanent?

Although most people think of breast augmentations as permanent procedures, the FDA says that women who undergo breast augmentation via implant typically will need to undergo some sort of follow-up surgery within a decade. Furthermore, some sort of surgery is likely to be necessary every decade from then on out.

Drawbacks Of Breast Augmentation

As helpful as breast augmentation can be, there is no denying that it has a number of drawbacks. There will, of course, be some amount of pain and expense involved. And there is also a recovery time during which your motion will be hampered, and your breasts will not be very attractive.

Breast Augmentation Cost

Like most cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation costs can vary greatly. The geographical location of the surgery will play a role in determining costs, as surgical centers typically cost more to run in metropolitan areas than in rural areas. Similarly, the experience level of the surgeon who is performing the surgery will affect the size of the surgical fee.

Of course, the sort of implant used will also affect the cost, as silicone implants tend to be more expensive than saline implants. The size of the implant may also affect the cost, and if an overnight stay at a hospital or surgical center is required, that will definitely increase your overall cost.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the average surgeon’s fee for saline breast implants was $3,486. The average surgeon’s fee for silicone implants the same year was $3,797. However, these numbers do not reflect medications, garments, medical tests, anesthesia fees, and hospital fees. All told, your surgery will probably run somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000.

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