Your smile lights up your face, or it could, if you were confident and happy with what you’ve got. The best part about a smile, however, is that there is so much that you can do to change it if you aren’t 100% content. You can straighten your teeth, whiten them, cap them, and even replace them.

There are so many ways that you can adjust the look and even feel of your smile. From revamping your routine to properly care for your teeth to getting professional work done, there are so many ways that you can get a glowing smile that makes you light up from within. Doing it all, however, is not essential. You may be happy with the results offered just by a great, healthy dental routine. You may need a little bit more work done before you’re 100% happy with the results.

Everyone’s journey is going to be slightly different. Genetics, environmental factors, and impact damage can all affect your smile and your confidence as a result. The only thing that is important is that you are happy with your smile and can laugh and grin without a shred of doubt. If this sounds like a goal you want to reach, then you’re in the right place. All you need to get started is to follow this guide:

First Up: What Makes Teeth White?

Teeth are white because of the enamel. How you go about whitening your teeth will depend entirely on where the stain sits on your tooth. If the stain is on top of the enamel, then you can use whitening toothpaste for a happy smile experience. If the stain goes deeper, however, then you’re going to need more high-tech options in order to get the whiteness you’re after.

There is also a limit to how white your teeth can be. Enamel is naturally an off-white shade, so if you really want those bright white teeth, you are always going to need professional whitening treatments done. Knowing this in advance is key since brushing and all the good hygienic tips in this list can only help you achieve a certain level of brightness in your teeth. If you want to go further, you’ll need to opt for professional whitening.

Tartar is another factor that may be impacting your brightening goals. The good news is that you have to go to your local dentist for a cleaning to get it removed. Once removed, you’ll have your true teeth underneath from taking center stage.

Dietary Tips for Your Dental Hygiene

You don’t need to remove or stop eating or drinking your favorites, but you should be aware of what items are harder on your teeth than others. Acids, for example, can wear down on enamel. If you eat something acidic, it’s a good idea to swish your mouth with water, or, if it’s available, water with a small bit of baking soda in it to neutralize the acid.

Some food and drinks are also naturally stain-masters. Coffee and green tea, for example, can result in teeth staining. Once again, you’ll want to rinse your mouth out after your drink. This is on top of ramping up your dental hygiene routine.

Ramping Up Your Dental Hygiene Routine

Chances are, you aren’t as committed to your dental routine as you should be. While no one is expecting you to be perfect, do try to add at least one or two of these tips more regularly into your everyday routine:

  • Brushing regularly
  • Flossing after you eat
  • Swishing water after eating and drinking

The goal here is to beat back plaque and tartar, which means a robust routine that works around your eating habits is your best pet.

Cosmetic Fixes for a Stunning Smile

To do more, you’re going to need to go down the cosmetic dental route. This may mean going to an orthodontist to get braces or straightening retainers. It may mean getting an implant to finally fill in that missing tooth. You may want to cap one or all your teeth with veneers for a truly spectacular, glowing smile.

Tooth Straightening

When it comes to feeling confident about your smile, there’s no better place to start than straightening your teeth. Straightening your teeth can help fix issues like overbite, underbite, and, of course, tooth misalignment. You can get full-on metal braces if you don’t think you can keep up with retainers, but for most today, retainers that change shape every few weeks are not only the more comfortable approach, they’re also the more affordable option (that typically take less time, and hurt less overall).

So don’t feel that metal braces are the only way to go. There’s a reason why the retainer system has boomed since its arrival on the market. There’s not even a difference at the end. You will still need to continue to wear your retainer after your braces, just like you do with retainers.

Capping, Fixing, and Replacing

The final option to fix your teeth and make them look and feel as beautiful as you are is to look into the fake teeth options. At the very bottom rung of options is getting a retainer or partial retainer to fill in the gap left behind by a tooth removal. Today, however, those with missing teeth are more likely to invest in a full implant, which looks and acts like a real tooth.

Getting a missing tooth filled in is essential. Without something in that gap, your teeth are going to shift out of place and make it very difficult to get things back on track.

Replacing teeth, of course, isn’t the only dental issue people have. They may not like the shape of their teeth. Their tooth may be cracked or broken. The tooth might not have grown correctly. There are so many reasons why you would need veneers and not just want them.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to getting any fake tooth (but particularly any front-facing teeth) is that high-quality options like veneers are made to match your existing teeth. If you’re planning on getting a whitening treatment and are prepared to commit to that routine, then you may want to wait until after your teeth are whitened to get the veneer in question. This way the tooth will be made to match the standard you want your teeth to stay.

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