Every now and then, everyone comes across a blooming fitness influencer or a famous celebrity promoting a protein powder suited to the needs of all. While these campaigns can be very convincing, real fitness experts know that protein powders differ on several bases.

As you start exploring different protein powders for different purposes, it is not unusual for you to be overwhelmed. There will be a list of questions and concerns in your mind based on factors such as your dietary restrictions, health concerns, and so much more.

Here is the most comprehensive guide you need to find the best protein powder for yourself.

Pick the Right Source

Although all natural whey protein powder is the most extensively researched and has been proven to be highly effective in several cases, the right choice can vary for every person. Information from the most reliable sources, such as Legion Athletics, says that a suitable source of protein powder for you is the one your body digests the best.

Whether you use the classic options or plant-based protein powders, trial and error may be the best way to find the best-suited option for your needs. They can all be good options as long as they are easily digestible and make you feel good after consumption.

Look for the Amino Acid Profile

Many people prioritise more sustainable solutions by preferring plant-based protein powders. If you are choosing a plant-based protein powder, it is best to select one derived from a blend of plant protein sources. This will ensure that you consume the optimal ratio of all essential amino acids.

Things become a lot easier when you learn how to read food labels. Make sure that your protein powder ingredients do not have any added sugar. Even if it is absolutely necessary, ensure that it is minimal. You can look for essential ingredients such as protein sources, flavouring, and sweeteners without unnecessary fillers and additives.

Prioritise Third-Party Testing

Many people may be surprised to know that the FDA does not regulate protein powders. One can feel really unsure about using a product that the FDA does not regulate. However, it does not mean that finding a reliable product is an impossible ordeal.

You can always see if your protein powder is tested by a third party to ensure that the contents of the protein powder box actually match its ingredients. This way, you can feel more sure about choosing the right product for your specific goals. In addition to quality ingredients, a high-quality protein powder must also contain 22-26 grams or more of protein and provide 90 to 120 calories per serving.

Find Certified Products

Professional athletes often undergo drug testing before performing. To stay clear beyond any doubt, they need certified products that are labelled as NSF Certified for Sport or Informed-Sport logos. These products are considered the best and safest. They are not limited to professional athletes. 

You can use these products as well, even if you are not a professional athlete, to ensure your safety.

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