5 Common Misconceptions About Getting a Nose Job

If you don’t know anything about rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” it’s a procedure where your surgeon changes the shape or size of your nose. Nose jobs have been one of the most popular plastic surgeries, the third most common plastic surgery after tummy tucks and breast augmentations. Therefore, there are a lot of opinions and myths circulating about nose jobs and the people who get them.

This article will squash the five common misconceptions about getting a nose job to set the record straight and possibly relieve anxiety for someone thinking about getting the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Leaves Nasty Scars

This rumor is absolutely false. Patients who receive a closed rhinoplasty will not have any scarring at all. However, patients who undergo an open rhinoplasty will have an unnoticeable scar at the base of the narrow tissue between the nostrils. No one will ever see it!

You Can Alter Your Nose Any Way You Want

A common misconception about getting a nose job is thinking you can have any nose you want. Nose jobs don’t magically recreate a nose, and some patients don’t realize that it’s sometimes impossible to achieve specific outcomes due to their facial structure. When thinking about getting a nose job, you should think of ways to improve your nose to look natural and balanced with the rest of your facial features. Unrealistic expectations for rhinoplasty will leave your nose looking fake and unbalanced with your facial features.

Nose Jobs Look Fake

Nose jobs are so common; you won’t know if someone has had a nose job or not. Rhinoplasty aims to create a nose that balances and looks natural with the rest of your face. However, if you go to an underqualified or inexperienced surgeon who uses poor techniques, your nose job can look fake. That’s why it’s essential to research and carefully select a surgeon to perform any plastic surgery.

The Procedure Will Affect Your Smell Forever

This rumor is silly because do you think millions of people would sacrifice their taste and smell? The procedure may temporarily affect your sense of smell and taste for three to six weeks. The surgery will cause your nasal tissues to swell, but by the time your nose heals, your taste and smell will return to normal.

Only Women Get Nose Jobs

Yes, women are more likely to get this cosmetic surgery. However, an increasing number of men are opting for rhinoplasty. In 2020, nose surgery was in the top five surgical cosmetic procedures for men. Nose jobs are for everyone! If you want to alter your nose to something more fitting for your face, go for it!

Listen, nose jobs are a lot more common than you think. Everyone from your next-door neighbor to your favorite celebrity has probably had a rhinoplasty procedure done. Please remember to research qualified surgeons before inquiring or going under the knife! With popularity comes nasty rumors, and hopefully, this article has squashed these five common misconceptions about getting a nose job and spilled the truth.

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