It is the best time of the year again, and you must be busy getting gifts for everyone.

From parents to relatives, but what about the cat-obsessed woman in your life?

Have you thought of anything unique for her?

If she is a cat-mother, she will be equally difficult to please like her cat.

Don’t even think about getting the cliché mugs and PJs for her.

She deserves an out-of-the-box gift.

But don’t you worry!

I have a list of 5 gifts that will make her smile the brightest smile. 

Gifts that are worth giving to the crazy cat lady in your life for Christmas.

1.    A Handmade Painting of Her Cat

A Handmade Painting of Her Cat

You can never go wrong with this one.

The perfect gift that you get your cat-woman is a Cat Portrait.

She will definitely go gaga over it because, c’mon, who wouldn’t want a memory of their beloved pet?

The best thing about it is, unlike your other gifts, this will stay with her forever.

She can hang it or keep it on the bedside table as an eternal remembrance of her cat.

This is the gift she doesn’t know that she needs, but she does.

Something she could look at and smile even if her cat was not around anymore.

2.    Custom Paw Print Ring

Custom Paw Print Ring

Do you know what would be the cutest? A custom ring for her.

But not just a regular customization but an imprint of her kitty’s paw.

This would be such a minimalist yet significant gift for her.

She can wear it whenever, wherever she wants and keep her kitty close to her.

It is a beautiful keepsake and a very delicate gift for the cat mom of your life.

Taking a cat with her can be a task, but with this, she can always have her around.

3.    Custom Cat Puzzle

Custom Cat Puzzle

There are hundreds of gifts for pet parents available in the market.

But which one really intrigues them?

If you are looking for a challenging gift with a sweet ending, a Custom Cat Puzzle is the way.

Cat moms, like their kitty, like challenges.

This Custom Puzzle will feed their brain and will reveal the photo of their baby cat.

Now, if this isn’t cute, I don’t know what is.

And if this isn’t the best gift for the crazy cat lady, I don’t know what is.

4.    Crack Proof Mug

Crack Proof Mug

If you really have to give a mug, at least give one that is unbreakable.

A cat’s favorite pastime is to knock over whatever they find on the shelf.

In the process, your favorite cat lady may have lost and broken umpteen mugs.

This Christmas, surprise her with a mug that is knock-over-proof.

It will win her heart and surprise her cat.

The mug is enamel-coated, and though it may clatter on the floor, it will stay in one piece.

Among all the cliché gifts for cat moms, this is something you can definitely go for.

5.    Cat Origami Wall Art

Cat Origami Wall Art

The least you gift a cat mom is a beautiful origami wall piece.

It creates an elegant look and goes very well with modern home decor.

The cat origami comes with a double-sided adhesive for easy hanging on any surface.

A 3D print of her cat would be so cool.

It will represent her cat’s beauty and grace.

This will definitely make a thoughtful and sentimental gift for her.

To Conclude

Pets are a very important part of our lives.

And being pet parents can be tough, especially if you are a cat mom.

This Christmas, make it easy for them with these creative and perfect gifts for all the crazy cat ladies out there!

May there be more.

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