Want to know some fun things to do with newborn baby photography? Having twins is double the joy, double the love, and double the adorableness! But it can also be double the work. Finding fun activities with your newborn twins that will stimulate them and give you special bonding time can be a creative challenge. Here are some ideas to try.

●      Tummy Time and Floor Play

Dedicate times during the day when you place the twins on their tummies on a play mat or blanket on the floor. Put toys within reach that they can bat at or try to grasp. Lie down with them and interact. This builds strength and coordination. Take photos of them during tummy time to capture sweet newborn baby photography moments.

●      Read Books

Sit with the twins on your lap or lean up against you and read colorful, engaging books to them. Point out and name the pictures you see. Hearing your voice and seeing the bright images will aid their development. Plus, snuggled-up storytime promotes bonding and feelings of comfort. Prop the book open during your next newborn baby photography session.

●      Listen to Music

Curate playlists of soothing and playful children’s music. Hold a twin in each arm and sway, spin, and dance gently with them as you listen. This can often calm fussy babies. It also exposes them to new auditory input. Capture photos of your musical bonding sessions to remember the special times.

●      Take a Stroller Ride

Bundle up the twins and take them walking around the neighborhood or park. Fresh air and new sights will delight them. Walk slowly so they can take in the experience. Pause and describe things you see along the way. Arrange a special photo shoot of your twins in their stroller to document this first outing together.

●      Sing Songs

You don’t need good singing skills for this one! Sing any simple children’s songs you know, or make up your silly songs. Sing while you rock, feed, or bathe the babies. This exposes the twins to language patterns and vocal tones. Smile and make eye contact as you serenade them. Include some singing in your next newborn baby photography session.

●      Set Up a Play Gym

Get a baby play gym with dangling toys, mirrors, and other attachments to stimulate the twins. Let them practice reaching, grasping, and tracking motion with their eyes. This play builds coordination and cognitive skills. Be sure to get shots of the twins batting at their play gym for your baby book!

●      Do Gestures and Expressions

Sit across from the twins and demonstrate gestures like clapping, waving, and peek-a-boo. Use exaggerated facial expressions like big smiles, popped-out eyes, and furrowed brows. The twins will study your face and actions closely. This play helps their social, speech, and motor development.

●      Sensory Play

Babies explore and make sense of the world through their emerging senses. Set up various sensory-focused activities, allowing your twins to feel, touch, gaze at, listen to, and taste safe objects. Sensory play aids cognitive growth and motor skills. It provides the twins with endless fascination. Capture all the exciting discoveries with your camera!

●      Feel Different Textures

Gather various small swatches of materials like silk, burlap, fake fur, terry cloth, sequins, etc. Let the twins grasp, rub, pat, and crimp the textures. Watch their faces light up at the new sensations. Include some swatches as props in your next newborn baby photography session.

●      Listen to Sound Jars

Take metal lids, bells, beans, pasta, beads, and similar items and place a few inside reused jars or containers. Secure lids. Let the twins shake and tip the containers, listening to the sounds produced. Their auditory stimulation and cause-and-effect understanding improve. Record the concentration on their little faces as they play with sound jars.

●      Gaze at a Mobile

Suspend a black-and-white, high-contrast baby mobile over wherever the twins lie down. Let them stare, track, and reach for the patterns above them. This visual input aids their focus and understanding during rapid eye development. Capture sweet photos of them connecting with and learning from the mobile.

●      Taste Teether Toys

Ensure toys are very clean before letting twins mouth them. Place easy-grip teether toys, cold washcloths, or frozen fruit in mesh bags into their hands for tasting and gentle gumming. Supervise so no pieces break off. This oral stimulation satisfies curiosity and eases sore gums.

●      Play Soothing Music

Curate playlists of gentle children’s music, lullabies, nature sounds, and soft instrumentals. Play regularly during tummy time, cuddle sessions, diaper changes, and winding down before naps. Familiar, peaceful music has calming effects on little ones. Capture sweet photos of the twins drifting off to their favorite melodies.


Finding activities that appeal to and benefit both twins can be tricky but worth it. Tummy time play, music sessions, stroller rides, reading books, singing songs, quality twin time, and play gyms are all great ways to bond, foster development, and capture delightful memories with photos. With some creativity, this special newborn stage with twins will be fun.

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