You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking for suggestions regarding what to eat alongside your wiener schnitzel.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 13 side dishes that go well with Wienerschnitzel here in this article. You must be late! The quick response is as follows.

German potato salad, spaetzle, rotkohl, and pasta pomodoro are some of the best side dishes to serve with wiener schnitzel. Hasselback potatoes, rice pilaf, Tuscan mushrooms, and couscous are some more options that can be included. If you’re looking for healthier options, you may try presenting a vegetarian gratin, mushy peas, green beans, gurkensalat, and arugula salad.

Ready? Let’s hop right in.

German potato salad

Alongside wiener schnitzel, a German potato salad is often considered to be one of the most traditional and essential side dishes. Unlike your regular American potato salad, it has no mayonnaise. Instead, the potatoes are dressed in a dressing made with vinegar before being served. As a result of the bacon and mustard, the salad has a piquant flavor with a smoky and fiery undertone. It is customarily served hot, but you can also serve it after chilling it in the refrigerator first. Sounds like something you’d like to try?


The traditional German food known as spaetzle is a little dumpling cooked from a straightforward egg batter. It’s a popular German side dish that’s often served alongside schnitzel or other German meat dishes. To prepare them, first, you give the dumplings a quick boil, and then you toast them till they get a little bit golden. You can serve them in their natural state with little more than a touch of lemon and a sprinkling of cheese. On the other hand, when I serve them alongside schnitzel, I like to coat them in cheese sauce first. These teeny-tiny dumplings are incredibly simple to prepare, and you can shape them in whatever way you like with the implements in your kitchen.

Pilaf made with wild rice

Wienerschnitzel coupons on their own have the potential to become monotonous. The addition of wild rice pilaf as a side dish is a great way to spice things up. This pilaf is loaded to the gills with mouthwatering flavors and additions that will blow your mind and leave you speechless. In addition to that, it is a dish that will unquestionably fulfill your needs. Brown rice is a suitable alternative to wild rice in the event that you are unable to locate the former. This flavorful pilaf may be prepared in a threefold quantity with little effort.


Another well-known delicacy from Germany is called rotkohl. It is prepared by braising red cabbage and green apples in vinegar made from apple cider and red wine respectively. Even though it was cooked for an hour, rotkohl did not end up becoming mushy. Instead, it possesses a wonderful, delicate consistency throughout. Additionally, it possesses a sweet and sour flavor combination, which is an excellent complement to fried foods such as wiener schnitzel. I like to eat rotkohl just after it comes off the pan, but having it lie in the refrigerator for a night really helps to bring out the complex flavors in this dish.

Veggie Gratin

Do you want to wow your friends with your ability to cook at the Michelin level? When you host your next dinner party, offer your guests a schnitzel along with a plate of vegetable gratin. The stunning appearance of this vegetable gratin will make them believe that you are some sort of celebrity chef. And the most exciting thing is… The preparation couldn’t be simpler. The inherent sweetness of the zucchini, eggplant, and tomato slices is brought out in the roasting process, making these vegetables an ideal accompaniment to a meaty main course such as schnitzel. I like to put some parmesan and provolone on top before baking. Are you prepared to amaze your companions?

Pasta Pomodoro

If you take some freshly cooked schnitzel and place it on top of some pasta pomodoro, you will have a delicious supper that is worthy of being shared on your Instagram account. The meal is known as “pasta pomodoro” is simple to prepare; but, in order to achieve the greatest results, it is imperative that you use high-quality components. With this spaghetti meal, you don’t even need to bother cooking a sauce to go with your schnitzel. Simply cover your schnitzel in the tomato sauce, and it will taste delicious.

Peas puréed and mashed

If you serve your schnitzel with a side of mushy peas, you can take it to the next level of deliciousness. They are both sugary and creamy, making them the ideal side dish to go along with a freshly cooked wiener schnitzel. You can mash the peas until they are smooth, but I prefer mine to have chunks and parts of whole peas that are still intact. Marrowfat dry peas are the typical ingredient in a dish known as mushy peas. However, Great British Recipes has devised a dish that calls for frozen peas in its ingredients. This will minimize the amount of time you need to spend preparing the dish in half, but don’t worry; the flavor will remain rich and satisfying.


The German word gurkensalat literally translates to “cucumber salad.” Alongside fried foods like schnitzel, this low-carb and nutritious side dish is the perfect accompaniment. A dressing made with sour cream is typically used for gurkensalat. This results in gurkensalat being a dish that is creamy, yet still airy and pleasant. I prefer to add a pinch of sugar to the dressing so that it has a bit of sweetness, but if you’re watching how much sugar you consume, you may omit this step.

Couscous from the Mediterranean

For schnitzel to qualify as a full dinner, it must be accompanied by a dish that can satisfy the appetite. If you want to forgo the potato dishes, this couscous meal from the Mediterranean is the perfect alternative. This couscous dish has both the starch and the vegetables that are required for a meal to be considered complete. You only need to place your Wienerschnitzel on top of a portion of your couscous, and then you will be ready to go. You won’t find a better recipe anywhere else than the one that Jessica Gavin provides for making couscous in a Mediterranean style. It is topped with a delectable lemon herb dressing that will make your taste buds tingle.

Sauteed green beans

My go-to method for preparing green beans is to sauté them in olive oil. After only 15 minutes, they reach the perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness. In addition to that, I like to include some chopped almonds for an extra crunch. Not only is this dish nutritious, but it also has a wonderful appearance when served alongside a schnitzel that has been fried to a golden crisp. Because of its very addictive nature, you should prepare a substantial amount of this dish.

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