What Are The Different Uses Of Salt

Salt is widely used in any kitchen as it’s extensively used with many dishes to flavor meals. Some preparations seem to be too bland without the additional flavor that this element brings to many food items.

While salt adds a great touch to one’s meal, it’s not healthy to use heavily as it could contribute to diseases both short and long term. A guide to different salts and substitutes should help reduce your chances of risk if you’re among the many people who have too much salt intake in their diet. If you’re worried that food may not taste the same, available alternatives exist to give off a similar taste while still providing the nutrient needed.

Salt Outside The Kitchen

While salt is generally found in many world cuisines, there are other uses for it aside from its culinary purpose. One’s home or body could benefit from it in many ways.

Salt Outside The Kitchen

Listed below are the various uses of salt that you probably didn’t know.

1. Bath Time Add-on

The use of bath salts is done to achieve that spa-like relaxation in any home. You can use this in your bath, shower, foot soak, or even as an exfoliating ingredient. In particular, scented bath salts work wonders for wellness fans since they provide amazing aromatherapy effects that they find relaxing.

To use bath salts, add a cup to your bathtub filled with warm water. After the salts have dissolved, soak your whole body for 20 minutes and wait for its magic to happen. You’ll surely enjoy doing this at home every weekend after a rough work week.

2. Put Out Fire

While fires are a wonderful thing to have during chilly winter nights, along with a hot cup of chocolate drink, you eventually need to put it out when you’re heading to bed. It’s not a great idea to leave the fireplace going during the night as it can cause accidents.

If the fire is still not disappearing, throw some salt onto the flames to put it out quickly. It’s a safer way to handle fire and a good idea to know in case your fire extinguishers won’t work. Have a bag full of salts handy at home.

3. Deodorize Shoes

When feet get sweaty throughout the day, there’s a high chance that it could leave an awful smell on the shoes. It’s a common issue, especially with trainer shoes that often bear the brunt of a sweaty workout.

To get rid of the smell, sprinkle a small amount of salt inside the shoes every night. The element could help soak up any lingering odors, allowing shoes to smell fresh in the morning.

4. Make Coffee Taste Less Bitter

You’re probably used to adding sugar to a cup of joe, and the use of salt could sound bizarre. For obvious reasons, the use of salts doesn’t make your coffee taste sweeter, but it could help lessen its given bitter taste. Add a pinch of salt to the coffee and see. Some people even suggested adding 1/8 of a teaspoon into your ground coffee beans before brewing.

5. Clean Cutting Boards

You probably hated seeing your cutting board all chopped out with the marks of knife slices on the surface. No matter how expensive cutting boards are, they’ll bear knife marks eventually.

While it’s annoying to see those marks on your board, you should try to clean it as much as possible, for their small openings could be filled with bacteria. For wood boards, add salt to a lemon wedge and use it as a scrub for the cutting board and rinse clean. For plastic types, sprinkle salt, scrub with a stiff brush, and rinse with water.

6. Clean jewelry

Jewelry lovers can’t avoid getting their bling dirty from too much use. But for a quick fix, you can create a DIY jewelry cleaner with the help of salt. It works best for silver jewelry.

7. Chills Beverage Fast

If you want your beers to chill faster, adding salt helps. In a beer cooler full of ice, mix some salt in it. It aids in keeping the freezing point in the cooler remain at a lower temperature. Just make sure the salt won’t spill inside the bottles.


You don’t have to limit yourself to using salt just for meals when it has many different uses around the house. It can also help save money because these alternatives are cheaper than store-bought cleaners or deodorizers. Maximize the use of salts in your home for a better life.

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