Top Healthy Desserts for Kids They Will Actually Want to Eat

We all agree that kids love to binge-eat everything yummy but not healthy. They are the biggest sweet treat lovers in the world. They always crave desserts and sweets right after every meal. They hop on to desserts and conveniently leave the nutritious options every time. If your little one has a sweet tooth and you wish to introduce him/her to healthy desserts, we have some delicious options in store. With a bit of research, you can learn about the delicious desserts that are healthy for your cuties. Just read this blog and know about such healthilicious dessert options.

Frozen Banana Slices Dipped in Chocolate

A sliced banana alone may not excite the little ones. But if you give it a droolsome makeover, they will surely gulp down all of it without complaining even once. Yes, you read that right. You can give your kids all the nutrition of bananas by making them a delicious dessert. All you need to do is freeze the sliced bananas and dip them in chocolate syrup or molten chocolate. This tasty and icy treat will surely tickle their sweet tooth, and they will get all the benefits of magnesium and potassium on the go. 

Watermelon Pizza

If you are looking for a uber-healthy dessert for your kids, you must try this one. You can take a diced watermelon and cut it down into a triangle shape. After that, you can load it with fruit cream and exotic seasonal fruits such as kiwis, blueberries, strawberries and much more. It looks creatively aesthetic, and your kids can have all the vitamins and fibers while enjoying this trendy dessert. 

Carrot Cake

Let’s talk about cakes, as kids can never get enough of them. This one is exceptionally healthy and toothsome. Give your regular carrot cake a little tweak and make it all healthy for your naughty little ones. The ingredients of this cake can be purchased from online stores and nearby markets. You can use almond flour instead of the regular one and make it a healthy yet yummy dessert. However, if you are occupied with work, you can always seek online cake delivery in Coimbatore or any other city to give your cuties a bewitching dessert surprise. 

Yummy Yogurt Cupcakes

Here comes the cutest, yummiest and healthiest dessert for tiny tummies. One can make this tasty sweet treat with muffin liners and load them with flavourful yogurt that is sugar-free. After that, you can sprinkle some cherries and dry fruits to make it more healthilicious. This is a protein-rich dessert that will satiate the sweet cravings of your little ones. 

Frozen Fruity Pops

If you are looking for an easy but droolsome dessert for kids, just go for iced fruit pops. This is one of the best ways to give your kids all the benefits of fresh fruits. You can take some popsicle molds and pour fresh fruit juice of your kid’s choice. You can take orange juice to make it naturally flavorsome. It will stream a natural sweetener with a plethora of vitamin C and potassium. So, do not stop your little munchkins from binge-eating this kid-friendly sweet treat. 

Oatmeal Cookies

Here is the perfect crunchy dessert for your little monsters. Let them sweeten their mood while gaining potassium, calcium and iron levels with sweet and crunchy oatmeal cookies. These are perfect for late-night hunger pangs or when the little one wants to munch something sweet. The best thing about oatmeal cookies is that they are readily available and can be baked at home without hassle. Get a hamper of oatmeal cookies for your kids and see that cheerful smile on their faces. 

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut macaroons are, hands down, the yummiest sweet treat that gives all the benefits on the go. They are made up of coconuts and comprise vitamin A and iron. It enhances and boosts energy. So, boost your kid’s endurance with these delicious macaroons. Its also been studied that macaroons help in muscle healing and tissue repair. 

Bottom Line:

So, introduce these heavenly healthy desserts to your little munchkins and satisfy their sweet tooth. These desserts will surely bring them the utmost pleasure with much-needed nutrition.

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