There are many small issues that, in time, have the “potential” of becoming genuine frustrations for lots of folks. Having gained some extra pounds every three months can mean utter disaster for some of us, and the trigger for tons of illnesses and health conditions and even death, for others. No matter what category you might consider you belong to, you are very likely checking out this article because you are looking for a great diet that can help you (at least partially) get rid of your problem – and hence some extra pounds. You have come to the right place. Smoothie diets are going to be the main topic up for discussion throughout this article, so pay close attention to everything you are about to read and see if you could possibly incorporate such a diet into your lifestyle.

What is a Smoothie Diet Infographics

Smoothie diets are easy to follow. This is probably one of the most important aspects you are interested in whenever you are on the hunt for a new diet. Good news, ladies and gents, smoothies diets do not resemble any traditional diet you might have tried so far. They will certainly not make you hungry or make you feel you are restricted from eating the things you love, simply because they are so tasty and saturating that you should not have any trouble drinking them every day.

Smoothie diets do not require any “real” cooking. If other diets you might have tried so far obliged you to become a real Jean Pierre of your cuisine and cook meals you never even heard of, a smoothie diet is nothing like that. As a matter of fact, such a diet is only going to require you to use your blender every day in order to prepare your “smoothie for breakfast or meals”. Protein powder, milk, or yogurt (low-fat, usually), ice, and fresh fruits should be all that you need in order to “cook” your diet smoothies in a matter of seconds.

Smoothie diets can replace one or two of your regular meals. By replacing one or two of your main meals every day (such as breakfast and dinner) and by eating a healthy low-calorie lunch in between, and having some smoothie healthy if you feel you need to (even though your smoothie diet should help you refrain yourself from any extra-calorie), you should be able to start losing weight in no time. The best part is you won’t even feel it, as there is no obvious effort you are going to have to endure during such a diet.

Smoothies are quite tasty. Pretty much everyone loves smoothie mango, strawberries and bananas or berries, milk, yogurt, and flavored protein powder, so you too should not experience any problems keeping up with this diet.

Can You Lose Weight With a Smoothie?

Everyone loves a good smoothie in the morning, and there are lots of people who drink it as part of their smoothie for weight loss diet plan. Do these people who drink smoothies actually get to lose any weight, or is this a simple myth? Well, the truth is you can actually lose weight thanks to your smoothies, but the secret behind your success is to also exercise and eat a balanced diet. If you don’t do all these and only drink smoothies instead, waiting for your bathroom scale to show you what you want, let me tell you things are not going to go your own way. You won’t lose any weight, and this is simply because inserting smoothies in your daily diet cannot do much for you unless you mix them with a healthy smoothie diet with less calories and at least 30 minutes of workout on a daily basis.

Lose Weight With a Smoothie

There are many reasons why you should drink smoothies. One of them is their impressive amount of vitamins and minerals, which your body needs in order to function properly. Their lack leads to a lot of health issues, so it’s always better to prevent these by giving your body what it needs. Plus, smoothies containing lots of fruits are normally really sweet, so you won’t have to add any more sugar to them. Thus, these smoothies are one hundred percent natural, and they can sometimes replace an entire meal. You can skip a dinner or two every week and drink a smoothie instead of your regular evening dishes.

Smoothies are also very filling, so you will stay fuller for a longer period of time. Plus, just think of all the energy your smoothies are going to provide. There are tons of recipes for delicious smoothies, but you need to remember one golden rule: if you’re opting for a smoothie that can also help you lose weight and you’re opting for acidic fruits such as oranges or grapefruits, you should serve it as a juice instead, because the mix of acidity and milk or yogurt can cause the combination to curdle.

Smoothie Diet Your Way To Health!

Why the Smoothie Diet

Slow down with a Smoothie

In a world of fast food and snacks, keeping healthy has become harder and harder. Time is constantly against you, juggling your work, kids, and the rest that life throws at you. Smoothies allow us a small escape from the day-to-day stress, and allow us some sweet, energetic, vitamin-packed goodness that all of the family can enjoy!

What is a Smoothie?

A smoothie is a blended mixture of ingredients which have been mixed to create a thick drink. They often contain two or more fruits or vegetables, and other ingredients to compliment. This could be honey, yogurt, or oats, for example. A smoothie will also have a ‘thinning’ ingredient such as water, orange juice, or milk. This helps to make the smoothie easier to drink.

Why the Smoothie Diet?

A smoothie diet is not a method of becoming instantly thin, and it is not a miracle cure. A smoothie diet is a varied, and tasty, way to a healthier lifestyle. Think about it… ensuring you get your five-a-day out of the way in just one or two smoothies. Let’s consider the following well-known facts:

  • Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins!
  • Smoothies are great for maintaining healthier skin, nails, and hair! They help your organs and encourage more energy. You’ll feel more energized to get up and do stuff like exercise or work-from-home activities. Or you’ll just be more attentive at your job, and will generally feel MUCH better living the smoothie diet!
  • Smoothies contain good calories!
  • A smoothie isn’t a stick or celery, nor is it a greasy box of deep-fried chicken. They are the perfect mix of allowing you to give yourself enough get-up-and-go energy for the day, whilst filling you with good calories that promote a healthier lifestyle!
  • They are fun for all the family!
  • Tired of trying bland salads and raw veg? Smoothies are endless in their make-up. You can mix hundreds, or even thousands, of combinations. They can be a great way to spend fun time with your kids, whilst subconsciously preparing them to lead a healthier lifestyle when they grow up. Just remember to secure the lid on the blender before they press “GO”!

Is a Smoothie Diet Expensive?

No! That’s the thing… Diet pills, supplements, and all these “miracle cures” are expensive and are designed to SUCK YOU IN to a sales funnel. If there was a miracle cure, do you honestly think they’d be selling it to you for $27?! Thought not! A smoothie diet only requires a blender, some ingredients, and a couple of minutes of your time. It uses PROVEN goodness like fruit and vegetables to support you to live a healthier life!

I’m ready for The Smoothie Diet… Now what?

Woop woop! You’ve made a great decision! The next step is simple. Head over to the How to make a Smoothie page and learn the basics. Or if you think you’re ready to get straight in, then search through our fabulous recipes and get creative!

Most of all, have fun with the Smoothie Diet!!!

Smoothies Fit For Space: Freeze-Dried Smoothie-N-Go

Smoothies Fit For Space: Freeze-Dried Smoothie-N-Go
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NASA-Inspired and Innovative Portable Product is Now Available Online

Smoothie N-Go made smoothies portable and strived to give people an option to eat healthy, no matter where they are in the world. They can be in the car, on the plane, on the beach, and enjoy a Smoothie in 30 seconds made from real fruit, nothing else.


Smoothie N-Go’s smoothies are not frozen but freeze-dried, which is the gentlest preservation method that allows the product to maintain its flavor, color, and, most importantly, the nutritional value for up to 2 years. (Also used by NASA for astronaut food.)

The great thing about this process is that it uses fruits and vegetables when they are at their nutritional peak to ensure the smoothie is packed with nutrients.

All people have to do is open a small packet, pour the fruit powder in their water bottle, glass, etc., shake or stir and enjoy. They get a quality glass of smoothie in about 30 seconds without having to chop up fruits and vegetables, needing another useless device, a blender, or having to pay $8-10 in a smoothie bar.

Smoothie N-Go’s freeze-dried smoothies are also non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and have a shelf life of up to 2 years. (And of course super delicious.)

Smoothie N-Go comes in 3 different mixes, Banana-Strawberry, Banana-Mango-Pineapple, and “FLOW,” are their superfood smoothie (banana, cacao, pineapple, mango, blueberry, matcha, and baby spinach.)

Retail will vary from $2.33-$2.92 per packet and is available on Kickstarter. We’ll have a lot of perks to choose from: 12 packs, 30 packs all the way up to 360 packets. 

Each pack weighs 25g and is made from 250g of fresh fruit.

About Smoothie-N-Go 

Smoothie N-Go was started by two college best friends who were tired of the lack of healthy eating options. Peter Tari and Adam Sal turned to traditional, do-it-yourself smoothies for their morning breakfast for a quick and healthy meal – but they soon found it more of a hassle to peel and cut fruits and vegetables while making sure to have access to a blender. Looking for something better, the duo discovered the freeze-drying process and knew they had to share the idea, not just with their friends, but with the world, and thus, Smoothie-N-Go was born.

Smoothie N-Go- is a delicious, innovative freeze-dried smoothie, offered in three delicious flavors. Started by two best friends, Smoothie-N-Go is meant to be enjoyed whenever, wherever, without the hassle. Available through either a one-time purchase or monthly subscription box order, a portion of sales from each 30-pack of smoothies sold will be donated to assist with providing otherwise wasted produce to those in need. To learn more about Smoothie-N-Go, visit

What led them to come up with Smoothie N-Go?

“My best friend, Peter, and I went to college together. Week after week, our lives started to get busier, and we kept falling into bad eating habits. There weren’t really any portable and quick healthy food/snack options on the market that we could eat in school, in the car, or during a lunch break.” said Adam Sal, co-founder of Smoothie-N-Go.

So after a while, two best friends got hooked on smoothies in the morning, because of their health benefits. However, they were dependent on a blender, and it was a hassle to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the morning. 

So they started to look for new options to make their favorite smoothies portable without needing fresh fruit, and after thorough research, they stumbled upon freeze-drying.

Peter and Adam ordered some samples last year, and the results were absolutely fantastic. They had a big “aha” moment and knew they were onto something.

After this, they developed the perfect blends and opened their company, because they knew they had to share this with the world.

However, there is something else: 50% of all fresh produce is thrown away every single year in the U.S. while still edible. The company’s mission is to help reduce this and help people in need.

Recognizing that nearly half of all edible food is thrown away in the United States every single year, Sal and Tari wanted to do something to change that. Seeing the excess fruit and vegetable leftover in their own fridge from making traditional smoothies, they couldn’t shake their guilt about wasting produce. With Smoothie-N-Go, every packet is perfectly portioned and condensed into a delicious mix, eliminating the need to purchase any additional ingredients that might otherwise spoil.

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