Restaurant and cafe promotion on Instagram

In cafes and restaurants, people come to eat delicious food and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the place. But before serving dinner to visitors, they need to be attracted. Appetizing smells from the kitchen do not reach Internet users. Here images, visualization, and exclusivity come to the rescue.

In 2022, one of the main ways to promote your place is to maintain an Instagram account. Today we will talk about how to promote a cafe or restaurant on this platform and get a good response without having to buy Instagram likes.

The face of a restaurant is its guests

There are several reasons why people visit such places. Although this is a really good option to have lunch during a work break, as a rule, the main goal of guests is to meet and communicate with people: friends, relatives or former colleagues whom they have not seen for a very long time.

Restaurant critics identify 5 main reasons for visiting restaurants:

  • getting pleasure from communication, acquaintance, and cozy atmosphere;
  • business meeting, negotiations — a good impression for the client/partner;
  • date/dinner with partner;
  • a place to have a drink with friends;
  • fast, tasty, and inexpensive food.

What do we conclude? Show that your institution can organize all this. Post photos of restaurant guests. Show that they are happy with you, that in your institution they can have a good time with their friends. Show the emotions of your customers.

If you publish emotional photos, they will receive good feedback from both regular and potential guests. In this case, you will not need to buy likes on Instagram to get good post statistics.

Own original ideas

What happens if you meet the visitor’s expectations? You have good service, good cuisine, and a nice interior. Will the guest enthusiastically tell his friends about you? No. Most likely, he will simply forget, because a person came for soup and got soup. Yes, he will come to you if he is in the same area. But will he gather friends for a purposeful visit? To do this, you need to exceed his expectations.

Try to come up with an original idea for each post. The catering industry means constantly coming up with something new, especially if your establishment has an extraordinary style and creative approach. Tell about the process of preparing the dish, break it down into details and make an interesting introduction.

Serve dishes in such a way that they evoke emotions, then the visitors themselves will begin to tell their friends and post photos on social networks, thereby advertising you. Your job is to bring joy.

Social media promotion

When you have built a quality service system in a restaurant, you should take care of promoting your establishment on social networks. To get as many people in your city as possible to know about you, you can order advertising from local popular bloggers, place posters around the city with an appeal to visit your restaurant, and probably also hire promoters to distribute leaflets on the streets or in shopping centers.

Remember that in order to succeed, you need to do your best both on-site and online.

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